Lian Kee Bak Chor Mee @ Alexandra Hawker Center

The Uncle was preparing his noodles in all too-dramatic movements that seemed like watching a dance choreography. From all the tossing, lifting the noodles drainer way high up above his head before emptying the noodles into the bowl, all these resulted in an average of at least 3 minutes preparation time for just a bowl of noodles. As a result, the queue barely moved after 45 minutes even though there was no more than 8 pax in front of us. 

Unfortunately, this seems to reflect a Chinese saying of "事倍功半” because the noodles turned out very ordinary. We couldn't taste much of the black vinegar and neither was there any hints of spice even though chilli was added. (If I didn't say that this was added with chilli, my family would still be thinking that this was a non-chilli version). Will not queue again.

Lian Kee Bak Chor Mee
Alexandra Hawker Center Unit #01-50
7.30am-1.30pm (Closed on Monday)