5 Matcha Soft Serve in Kyoto for Every Type of Tourist

As a place famous for matcha, Kyoto is dotted with numerous shops selling matcha soft serve, especially in touristy spots near shrines. While I haven't try out all the matcha soft serves (neither do I have any plan to do so), here are 5 matcha soft serves which you might be interested to check out. These are churned from established tea houses so at least you know what you are having and not just run-of-the mill soft serve that most likely outsourced their matcha from somewhere. 
For those looking for the more authentic experience
After Tsujirihei (not Tsujiri), Marukyu Koyamen Soft Serve is my favourite in Kyoto because of its rich and deep satisfying flavor. The history of this tea house can be traced way back to the Genroku period (1688-1704) and it uses its own tea leaves from its Uji-based organic tea farm. It might not be as bitter as the world's best matcha gelato or the best matcha gelato in my heart, but it's well-balanced in every aspect. It also serves roll cake at its only cafe in Kyoto

Marukyu Koyamaen 
〒604-8277 京都府京都市中京区西洞院通御池下ル西側

Shop 9.30am-6pm
Café 10.30am-5pm (L.O)
Closed every Wed (unless PH)
Nearest station: Karasuma Oike Exit 4-1 or Nijojomae Exit 2

For the Instagram-worthy and for a touch of luxury 
You no longer have to pay admission fee to Kinkakuji or make your way to Kanezawa for your golden soft serve. This Golden matcha soft serve is available for take-out at ¥756 but you may realize it wasn't a rational decision to pay ¥500 for just a piece of tasteless gold. 

Sanoah Green Style Cafe 
〒604-8004 京都市中京区三条河原町東入中島町83
11.30am-9.30pm (closed on every 2nd Monday)

For those who get bored with matcha easily
The matcha soft serve changes its clothes faster than average man on the street with seasonal toppings like chestnuts or kuromitsu jelly. Just be prepared that the real one may not look exactly like the beautiful photoshopped poster picture. 

Tsujiri Kyoto Shop
〒605-0075 京都府京都市東山区四条通大和大路西入中之町 215
11am-8pm daily

For the super sweet tooth
The ice cream here is so sweet that you might thought that you are having white chocolate soft serve instead. There's also a whole list of matcha desserts which you can read more here

Nishiki Ichi ha
604-8052 京都府京都市中京区鍛冶屋町210
Japan 604-8052, Kyoto-shi, Nakagyo-ku Kajiya-machi 210 (Inside Nishiki Market)
Daily 10am-6pm (LO 5.30pm) 

For those who looks out for value-for-money and convenience
The portion for ¥450 is comparatively generous and will probably last you as long as a stroll from the station to Kiyomizu Shrine. The take-out shop at JR Kyoto station saves you the time to travel all the way to Uji. But I like the crispy waffles more than the soft serve. Can I just have the waffles next time?

Nakamura Tokichi 
Kyoto JR Station outlet (In front of West exit)
11am-10pm daily