Buttertrade : Singapore's Online Portal for Cakes of Every Occasion

Want to order a cake for a celebratory occasion but you want to impress with something special and unique? Check out Buttertrade, Singapore's first online portal that connects home-bakers and boutique cake shops to customers. Halal, gluten-free, vegan, kawaii, decorative, pet-friendly...you can find all sorts of cakes here that suits your need. 

Depending on the complexity/degree of customization of your cake order, it is possible to have your cake on the actual day as long as you order before 3pm the day before. Not only is this convenient, you can earn 3% rebates for each purchase and redeem them for more cakes next time. 

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out one of best selling cakes that are infused with local flavors. The Ondeh Ondeh Cake ($38) from In the Brickyard was a simply yet elegant construction of Gula Melaka buttercream and Pandan cake. It would be great if the cake was less sweet and moister but I'm certain that these sweet Asian-desserts inspired cakes have their fair share of supporters.

Besides Ondeh Ondeh, there's also Pulut Hitam Cake and Orh Nee Cake. From now till 31st Oct, enjoy 15% of all items  in "local flavors" shown above (link here) simply by entering the promo code "dairyandcream" when you checkout your shopping cart. 

Wait no more and start planning a cake surprise for your family and friends!

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