Sheraton Towers Singapore : An Indonesian Gastronomic Experience 15th-21st August

Gado Gado or Lobsters? 

You don't have to choose between the two as Indonesian guest chef John Suwarto takes familiar Indonesian street food and traditional dishes to a whole new level this August at the Dining Room in Sheraton Towers Singapore. Perched on a bed of tropical fruit salsa, kaffir and kecur-infused peanut dressing, the lobster was at its best, fresh and minimally seasoned to harmonize with the sauce. Such was a refined work that I kept reminding myself to savour slowly to prolong the enjoyment. 

Running from 15th to 21st August, this contemporary Indonesian gastronomic experience is part of the initiative between Sheraton and Indonesian Embassy to commemorate Indonesia Independence Day. 

Instead of the usual buffet setting, ala carte dishes, set lunch ($48++) and set dinners ($68++) will be served alongside exciting cultural performances. While I love the lobster appetizer, it was the Seared Foie Gras that etched a lasting impression on my mind as I did not expect the buttery slab of decadence to match so well with the sweet and perky flavors of Apple, starfruit slaw and rujak; something close to rojak. I was not even a foie gras fan in the first place but this took off so well that I wondered why hadn't more chefs think of serving foie gras in this manner? 

I was looking for some spicy kick from the mains of Wagyu Beef Cheek Rendang and Crispy Spiced Duck Confit but both have been toned down significantly to cater the masses. A great pity as these dishes would definitely shine brighter if some heat was injected into them. Nonetheless, the beef cheek braised in rendang spices were unctuously tender and sung in coherence with the saffron lemongrass infuse jasmine rice. 

I prefer the beef to the pan-seared duck confit, which was somewhat dry and short of the crispness as the name suggested. Apparently, Balinese ducks are popularly served in a very spicy way but this isn't the case even though it has been infused with the sambal terasi aka "killer "chincalok

For the sweet finale, the Homemade Chendol Panna Cotta with Red Bean and Ginger sorbet, could loosen up a bit on the texture but the rich molassy taste of the Okinawan brown sugar syrup made the coconut custard came back to life. The Banana Tempura with Siri Kaya and Coconut ice cream, like a spin-off from goreng pisang, would probably be crunchier if it hadn't been left on the plate for sometime. Unlike most goreng pisangs, I noticed a slight tartness in the banana which matched the sweet elements. 

I find it very rare to see Southeast Asian Cuisine being presented on fine-dining stage so this is really a good chance to savour a full course of contemporary Indonesian dishes. What's more, diners can stand a chance to win a trip to Indonesia and other attractive prizes. 

Just don't forget to have more of the free-flow keropok with the super-shiok sambal!

A la carte creations start from $10++
Set lunch menu from $48++
Set dinner menu from $68++

The Dining Room 
The Sheraton Towers Singapore 
39 Scotts Road Singapore 228230
For reservations, call 6839-5621 or email