Ghim Moh Carrot Cake : Husband and Wife Steam their Own Kueh

Been having too many plates of carrot cake since the start of August and this is a strange phenomena because I never craved for carrot cake as much as I do this month. I've decided to write about this place because it's one of the stalls that churn out better carrot cakes in my (or my family's) opinion. 

There's a few stalls in Ghim Moh that sells carrot cake but I guessed this is the only stall that still makes their carrot cakes on premise. It is run by a husband and wife who takes charge of frying the black and white version respectively. Seems like the stall used to be in ABC Brickworks and moved back here after the renovation this year. 

I thought that's quite a clever and efficient way of work distribution but still there's a queue especially during peak hours. I never notice a difference in homemade carrot cake until now as these were fresh and tender but not too hard or limp, soggy or starchy.
Like a distinctively flat and crisp pancake, the WHITE version was evenly fried such that the eggs, the Kueh, the Chye Por are all enmeshed together like being in a complicated triangular love relationship. Utterly fragrant and tasty with spring onions. 
As for the black, it's dark and sweet enough to my liking. With or without chilli, it's a good plate that I craved again when I reached home. 

Ghim Moh Carrot Cake
#01-16  Blk 20 Ghim Moh Road Market and Cooked Food Center
20 Ghim Moh Road
Singapore 270020
Daily from early hours to 9pm 
Closed on Mondays


  1. Home made is always the best! It looks crispy and tasty :)


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