Cocoa Colony: NEW Savoury Chocolate Sandwiches and More

When life gives you chocolate, you can make more than just cake. Maybe a Chocolate Toast with Prawn and Crab Mayo? 

This is one of the new item for Cocoa Colony, a Shanghai-born chocolate shop in Singapore which has expanded its current menu to include new sandwiches and waffles. Given that there are already chocolate ramen chocolate prawns, savoury chocolate sandwich isn't too wild and far-fetched to take root in Singapore. 

Customers can pick their own choice of Chocolate of Milk Toast for the sandwiches fillings that come in 4 savoury flavours. Tucked inside the thick crust milk toast are some well-sauteed Forest Mushroom that is livened with Aged Parmesan & Fresh Parsley ($8.90). Efforts are taken to grill the bread till a light golden crunch and the mushrooms were flavorful without being overly seasoned. 

However, I prefer the lusciously creamy Crab and Prawn Mayo ($9.90) because the garlic butter aroma got a little too heady in the former. The chocolate toast wasn't sweet at all but rather neutral with very nuanced cacao tones. I like the texture of both types of toasts but they were too thick and things might get too bready......

For the cakes, the Chocolate Orange Salted Caramel ($8.50-left cake) is a decadent three-layered moist chocolate cake sandwiches with some fudgy chocolate ganache interspersed with orange peel. The salted caramel was in short supply and I haven't grow to appreciate the combination of orange and chocolate. So I naturally swooned towards the Amazonian Gold ($8.50-right cake) for its intensity. In fact, both cakes looked and tasted pretty similar but the Amazonian Gold has got the silky and smooth bittersweet ganache that will win the hearts of chocolate purists. 

Other new items include Marshmallow Pop ($3.90), artisan chocolate bars (matcha/salted egg yolk/sea salt caramel -$7.50 each), waffles and chocolatey liquid concoctions. With chocolate remaining an object of lust even before the Mayan civilization, chocolate lovers here now have more choices to satisfy their cravings.

Cocoa Colony
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Tel: 6509 0356
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