Flour Power : Giving Power through baking

As the name puts it, Flour Power is about empowering those with special needs by equipping them with the necessary skills to find sustainable jobs in the F&B industry. Launched only recently on 2nd May 2016, the bakery cafe in Jasmine Road conducts 14 to 16-week apprentice programme which rotates trainees with special needs across various functions in customer service to food preparation. 

This is not simple a cut-and-paste model as each program is specially crafted to suit the trainees whether he or she is a low- or high- functioning individual. The founder, Ms Lena Ng, started Flour Power to help further a dream of a world where everyone can fulfill their dreams and be independent if they are given equal opportunity to learn and work hard. 

These programme are 100% funded by the revenue that comes from the baking workshops conducted onsite by Flour Power's baker and staff, as well as the sales of the baked goods which can also be enjoyed at the cafe. Thanks to the Festival of Good, I got to learn about this place and had the opportunity to try some the bakes. None of them disappointed and in fact, they tasted so much better than the pastries from some cafes. 

I usually find muffins to be rich and heavy but not the case for those baked here. At only $2 each, they were beautifully tender and not too greasy. Compared to those fanciful or even "colorful" bakes we see commonly these days, the pastries might seem too plain and obsolete for some. 

But these rustic treats do not lose out at all. The chocolate cake is dark and rich while the cream cheese carrot cake was moist and not overly sweet. The ham and cheese Quiche Lorraine tart are best recommended to be enjoyed hot and fresh of the oven before the crust succumbs to the moisture of the filling. 

How you can help to support the training program: 
-Try the food at the 1400-square foot shop 
-Takeaway or get their food for corporate or private functions
-join any of the baking classes that can be customized to fit budget and special requirements.

Catch Flour Power at Timbre + during the #FestivalForGood this Saturday 21st August or drop by their shop to enjoy 10% discount off all freshly baked in-store cakes this August!

Flour Power Singapore
17 Jasmine Road, Singapore 576585
Mon-Sat 9am-6pm
Tel: 6452-0156
For more information, visit: http://flourpower.com.sg/