Dandelion Chocolate : Japan's Bean to Bar Movement Part 2

After Minimal Bean to Bar, Dandelion was the next chocolate spot on my list. This "bean-to-bar" chocolate factory and cafe from San Francisco occupies a two-storey space in Kurame, Tokyo and sells everything on of course, chocolate.

Compared to Minimal Bean or Green Bean to Bar, I like the ambience here the most as it has a classy industrial vibe that makes me feel like I'm literally eating fresh chocolate in a chocolate factory. 
Instead of the standard Hot Chocolate or Mission Hot Chocolate, I had the Kuramae Chocolate (¥693) because it is only available in Tokyo. What piques my interest is the use of organic Houjicha from Fuji-eda City in Shizuoka. I was greeted by the inhales of Houjicha tea before I reached the energizing taste of cacao. I was very pleased by this potent elixir as not many people knows that Houjicha works very well, or in fact better than earl grey or matcha, with chocolate. 

The Frozen Hot Chocolate (¥630) is not too bad as a refreshing drink to cool down but be warned that it is sweeter than the hot chocolate. 
There is a good range of desserts but the  popular items could be sold out as early as 3pm even on weekdays. The Brownie Bite Flight is great for those who like to sample single-origin chocolate from various sources. Made with chocolate from Ecuador, Dominican Republic and Belize, these dense, fudgy nuggets do have their own unique taste and texture even though they look equally black and dull. 
The Dulce de Leche bar ドウルセ・デ・レチェ・バー (¥450) is the classic chocolate candy treat made with Camino Verde chocolate from Ecuador on an almond-hazelnut sable crust base. The nuances of the salt hummed beautifully with the chocolate caramel ganache, diverting it away from the misfortune of being another cloyingly sweet bar. 
I'm not a chocolate connoisseur so I don't know how to tell the difference between the various chocolate origin.

But honestly speaking, I don't think anyone needs to aspire to be one in order to appreciate chocolate. 
Dandelion Chocolate Japan
4-14-5 Kuramae, Taito-ku Tokyo