Bridge Restaurant Bar: Cutting-edge Fine Dining at Affordable Prices

Chendol strips in smoked shiitake consommé? Nah. That's instant pea noodle squeezed from a bottle that consolidated into solid form in less than 30 seconds. 

Call it your experimental edibles or even some gimmicky cuisine, but that's part of the charm at Bridge, a casual European restaurant that offers serious cutting-edge fine dining, and you don’t need to pay a bomb or queue for hours to eat there. And food here isn't anywhere near molecular cuisine (fish is fish and not foam) Rather, it's more on flavor and flair combined in miraculous chemistry. 

The Foie Gras and Samphire ($22-top pic) is one good example which takes on to an entirely different universe from the standard foie gras fare defined by the French master chefs. It relies on the umami essence of shiitake to hold in the buttery reins of a fat foie gras, resulting in a surprisingly clean and soothing effect that wowed fans and non-fans alike. On the side were some oat crumbles that served as a textural contrast, though without which the dish still wouldn't be particularly different. 

As for the next appetizer, Textures of Crab ($20), I didn't get a myriad of textures like the name suggested. However, I appreciate the simplicity as it brings out the message of freshness and sweetness in the crab without being dominated by the umami gazpacho. There's some potato crisps and charcoal garlic ginger droplets to enliven the dish, but  somewhat minimally for the crab itself has stolen the credits. And I like things this way. 
Of the mains, the Ink Risotto and Purple Octopus ($28) might come as the next cheapest item after the vegetarian choice but don't let that give you the impression that it is too normal. This black pud of rice, my friend, was the most memorable and delicious dish that evening. Tender 
The Chrysanthemum Infused Snapper with Lemon Tobiko ($30) scored high on presentation with a wreath-like wall of mushrooms, scallops surrounding the Rehydrated Scallop Aged Egg Veloute. Nonetheless, the fish could be tender and more moist. Crispness of the fish skin wasn't compromise as it was cleverly detached from the meat and deep-fried into a moreish cracker. 
The Miyazaki A5 Wagyu ($70/100g or $120/200g) could be a potential hit if not for the fennel spice that did not match with the prized cut. It could work as a very good Indian char grills on other beef but not Miyazaki A5 Wagyu which can just be tasty and straightforward with just a magical dust of salt if the heat is under control. I started with the corner pieces that were over-charred on the edges, leaving a breath of smokiness that mired the experience that followed. 
Of the two desserts, go for the Native Fruits of Singapore if you like something tangy and light. I thought the idea of using Okinawan organic tofu gelato and cultured cream was a brilliant one that allow the "Native Fruits" (jackfruit, Longan, kumquat) to enjoy the limelight as they were neutral with a mild savoury taste in the cultured cream. The sweetness came mainly from the tropical fruits and nothing acidic that would cause your face to pucker. 
Meanwhile, the Sweet Potato Cake with Honey Cider Custard ($16) is another attractive looking dessert that played on purple and black. The purple sweet potato gelato was flawlessly smooth and not too sweet, giving the chewy and dense sweet potato cakes a nice lift together with the coconut jelly and crunchy caramelized nuts. 

Micro sponge tends to me dry and weak in taste but fortunately not the case for the sesame version here. That said, I was missing the honey cider custard or perhaps it simply got lost amidst the myriad of components. 
All these can be found in the ala carte menu, besides the pre-fixed 5-course exquisite menu runs in a similar fashion with 2 appetizers, 2 mains and 1 dessert for $85++ per person. This includes sourdough bread with butter of the day and 2 amuse bouche (pic above). 

Fret not about leaving the place half-full because the portion of the food keeps you satiated and satisfied. This is definitely a place to keep in mind for any special occasions or simply when you like to pamper yourself without breaking your wallet.

Bridge Restaurant Bar
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