Ajoomma Korean Dessert Cafe @ Holland Village : Fresh Fruity Bingsu!

With the persistent heat in Singapore all-year round, the demand for Korean bingsus (shaved ice dessert) doesn't seem to fade as  cafes specializing in them continue to open in the heartlands. Opened in June this year, Ajoomma is the latest to join the scene in Holland Village, serving bingsu, toasts and buttermilk waffles. It doesn't belong to any franchise in Korea and you won't find any Ajoomma (aunties) serving Bingsu here (though I wish it would be nice to have Ajoommas instead of young chaps)
The presentation of Bingsu does not vary much from the others; the shaved ice is dusted with powder of certain flavor or syrup and served with ice cream. But what stands out here is the freshness of ingredients. 
Our favourite was none other than the Mango Bingsu ($18.90), a gorgeous summer delight of shaved ice, mango coulis sauce, generous fresh mangos, pomelo and mango sherbet. Unlike the red beans in the matcha/black sesame counterparts, digestive crumbs are embedded beneath the ice, making them close to a mango cheesecake. 

The ice here is blended with milk, resulting in a uniformly smooth, melting texture that melds beautifully with the sweetness of the fruits. Each order comes with a side of sweet evaporated milk if you like yours extra sweet. 

For those who are hankering for traditional flavors (including me), there is the Pat Bingsu which is classic shaved ice typically covered in roasted soy bean flour. Unlike most red beans served in traditional Japanese desserts or simply red bean paste, the red beans here do not go overboard on sweetness and retain a firm chewy bite. It would be wonderful if the mochi could be slightly less rubbery. 

I wished there was some half-and-half because I am always caught in a dilemma between sesame and matcha. The Matcha ($18.90) exuded tea fragrance without being grassy but I think the intensity can be leveled up. That said, the almond flakes which was also present in the Sesame ($18.90) were excellently toasted and crunchy. 
I had expected the Aljooma Special ($12.90) to be something really special since it was said to be a mixture of the flavors for the toast menu. Garlic Cheese with Honey Butter maybe? However, it turned out to be ice cream and fruits with some Oreo crumbs.

I would go for the Vanilla Strawberry on Bambool Charcoal Buttermilk Waffles ($13.90). The ice cream was very sweet on its own but just right to go with the fluffy waffles. Good to know that this place isn't just a place for dessert as they have also imported Sojus $22 from Korea. 

While the Bingsu here are generally fresh and yummy, I think the presentation can be improved to make them stand out from other competitors. For those who find the prices steep, they have also come up with Bingsu in jar ($8.90/mango or strawberry) that are no less satisfying than the regular version to beat the heat. 

Ajooma KDC
36 Lorong Mambong, Holland Village
Mon-Thur 2pm-11pm
Fri-Eve of PH 2pm-1am
Sat 12pm-1am
Sun 12pm-11pm