R-Fritters Cafe Tokyo : French Toast Fritters Hybrids

French Toast or Fritters?
You can have them both at R-Fritters, a small cafe in Shimokitazawa that turns French Toast into Fritters by deep-frying mini French toast cubes and serving them in a variety of flavors. 

One set (¥500) comes with the choice of 2 flavors and I had the matcha with kuromitsu kinako as well as cheese and honey. Both chased away my skepticism as they actually turned out to be very tasty indeed!

Looking like tree logs sawed into mini trunks, these mini cubes weren't as greasy as usual oil-logged fritters and had nice crispy edges over the fluffy soft innards. The combination of Matcha and Kuromitsu was predictably good and the taste of matcha emerged as an aftertaste. 

But I liked the Cheese and Honey more because there was a tinge of savoury in the moist honey-comb like interior that paired brilliantly with the honey. The best thing was that both were not overly sweet.


AMAZAKE (Sweet Rice Wine)
I guessed this place can be easily overlooked and I was the only customer during my visit on a weekday afternoon. Nonetheless, I was very humbled by the friendly and courteous service of the young lady, whom I presumed to be the owner of this cafe. 

Even though the fritters were already on display on the shelf, she toasted them slightly again and took the effort to plate them up. These bite-size goodies are also highly recommended for take-outs as one can enjoy them while exploring the neighbourhood.

Good food, great service. I am not sure how long the business can last but I hope that more people can come and check out this tiny tasty cafe in Shimokitazawa.

Tokyo-to Setagaya-ku Kitazawa 2-33-10
Weekdays 1130-1800 (*or earlier if sold out)
Sat/Sun/PH 1100-1800 (*or earlier if sold out)
Closed on Tues