Patissez Singapore: Truly Freaky Milkshakes

Some things are best left to be admired from far. Like the freakshakes that have travelled all the way from Canberra. Came here in a highly anticipated mood with the girlfriends to check out the "latest" hot desserts in town but they fell way below expectations. 

According to the staff, these were made with milk instead of ice cream, which explained the thin consistency. However, this didn't justify the diluted taste across all three milkshakes that we've had. What was termed as "mousse" on the menu was misleading as they turned out to be foamy, grainy cream that was poorly whipped. 

Moreover, there weren't many components to for them to qualify as an over-the-top milkshake. For instance, the Pretzella was simply a weak Nutella milkshake crowned with a excessive mound of cream and some Nutella coated pretzels. There wasn't any nuttiness in the peanut salted caramel and the Dominique-Ansel copycat thing on the Sneaky Freak tasted only of flat sweetness.

I'm afraid to say that it had been literally a Freak Show that freak everyone both in terms of flavor and price. 

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