PABLO Cafe @ Omotesando : MUST TRY Camembert Cheese and Mini Cheese Tarts

Doesn't a piping hot Camembert Cheese Tart sound like the perfect dessert for any cheese lovers? This tart is exclusively available at Pablo Cafe Omotesando outlet (actually much nearer to Harajuku station), which is designated as one of the two premium cafe besides the one at Dontonburi outlet. The cubes of Camembert was intensely strong in the umami taste and there's one ingredient which you would least expect here. Black Pepper.

Yes, the black pepper can make you sneeze but you won't sneeze at the idea of black pepper because it made this very funky and honey is a must. However, the portion was too small for 2 and we went for the Honey Cheese Toast which tasted the same as predicted.
Summer is the time for icy desserts and it was a natural instinct to order a kakigori, a matcha flavored one. Oops no, it's a matcha cheesecake tart kakigori. Topped with a cloud of white cheese espuma and some sugar-coated crumbles, the kakigori was only lightly sweetened and actually much easier to conquer with the savoury aliens. Just like how konbu was used to balance the sweetness at Ouca Japanese Ice Cream shop, cheese cubes are served with the kakigori. 
However, the matcha taste wasn't as strong as the Uji Matcha Frute (¥700) which is a thick delicious milkshake crowned with azuki cream and shiratama dangos. There's some warabi jelly within and thankfully nothing over-the-top like cakeshake, even though it did not come close at all to its name "Frute", meaning a fruit-sorbet. 
Skip the grainy matcha soft serve and just head straight for the mini cheese tarts (¥230). They were SUPER GOOD, slightly better than BAKE because the sweetness was at desirable level and the tart was also solidly crunchy. It didn't matter to me whether it flowed or not but the matcha one did, which sent me to a temporal moment of ecstasy. 

They might be small but possibly THE yummiest item of all the Pablo items I've tried. I even contemplated to buy back a box for the folks at home but I didn't in the end. That'll give me another good reason to come back again for more. 
PABLO Cafe @ Omotesando Tokyo
Meiji jingu mae 1-14-21, Tokyo
10am-9pm Daily