Lobsterfest 2016 @ Lime Restaurant at PARKROYAL on Pickering : MUST TRY Buffet for Lobsters Lovers is BACK!

Remember the popular SG50 Lobsterfest last year at PARKROYAL on Pickering? It is back in full force with new additions that are worth putting aside your diet plans!!

I wanted to start off with the Lobster Salad with Wasabi Aloli but I couldn't wait and jump straight to the Maine Lobster with Truffled Hollandaise Sauce and Espelette. Each piece of lobster is slathered in the cream yellow sauce and blistered with a blowtorch for the final golden char. 

The sauce didn't overpower the sweetness of the lobsters as much as the Lobster Thermidor with Persillade Crust (below), which I found a little too salty on its own. But the idea of having a green crust of Persillade, which is Parsley, made it not only aesthetically pleasing but also wonderfully aromatic. Perhaps fortifying the "crust" with some nutty elements will give this more punch. 

Both items are my favourite and went well with either the Lobster Risotto or Mac & Cheese (above). Every grain of the risotto had subtle umami flavors as a result of being cooked with lobster bisque. It's dense yet not overcooked to the point of starchy, with a smooth velvety mouthfeel effect thanks to the addition of Marscapone.

Of course, last year's highlights like the Singapore Laksa with Lobsters, Singapore chilli lobsters and Black Pepper Lobsters continue to be part of the buffet spread. You don't have to worry searching high and low for them as chances are, you will see a crowd of people swarming around these stations, waiting to stake their claim on a golden, juicy lobster. 

Some of the hot food selections like the Peranakan dishes have been trimmed down so that the kitchen can work more efficiently on high-demand lobster service. Nonetheless, there's still plenty of food and desserts so go around. Missing your lobsters already? Make your reservations early to avoid disappointment before the limited slots are gone! 

Available from 6.30pm-10.30pm daily till 19 June and available every Wed/Thurs thereafter until 1 Dec. Priced at $99++ with a complimentary glass of Limenade

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