NEW Choux-Croissant Hybrid @ Ikebukuro, Tokyo

From cronuts to scookies, the trend of  hybrid sweets has been going hot and strong despite the varying response from consumers. Some make it and some fail. Jumping on this hybrid sweets bandwagon is  "chouxcream chouxcri", a takeaway shop in JR Ikebukuro station that sells a unique pastry that combines the essence of choux and croissant. 

The popularity of cream puffs, commonly known as "Chou" (pronounced as "shoe" as the French spelling "choux") in Japan, has never cease to fade and one can find good ones easily in convenience stores and patisseries boutique. Opened since late May 2015, this shop sells three types of items and one seasonal flavor. The ChouxCri (¥290) is a chewy mochi-like choux pastry encased with a thin layer of macaron shell. The pastry framework is much firmer than that of Beard Papa and could hold the cream very well. 
Nonetheless, I prefer the ChouxCroissant (¥290), the same choux pastry base with a croissant shell, which is easily identifiable with its distinct golden swirls on top. It might not be as ultra-crispy as a fresh croissant due to the filling, but there was no hints of sogginess even leaving it overnight (that is if you can even resist not having it immediately). 

There's still a significant crunch and buttery aroma in the pastry, contrasting perfectly with the generous amount of fragrant vanilla cream. To me, this ingenious creation beats the Cronut in all ways; an amazing dream come true for me who loves both croissants and cream puffs. 
However, the seasonal flavor, Chocolate, was awry and weak, failing to boost the satisfaction like what the original flavor did. But this won't stop me from trying other flavors next time. Perhaps in time to come, I shall challenge their Chou Grande (¥1400), the ultimate jumbo-sized choux filled with rare cheese and lime cream. 

Choux Cream Choux Cri

JR池袋駅 南口改札 外脇
Minami-ikebukuro 1-28-2 
JR Ikebukuro Station (Outside the South Exit Gantry)
Daily 10am-1pm