Jin Fine Dining @ Telok Ayer : Fine Chirashi Don

Lunch doesn't come cheap in the CBD area and so it was quite an occasional luxury to be able to dine at Jin Fine Dining Japanese Restaurant. Lunch sets start from $23++, which typically comprises of a salad, rice, if you are really prepared to indulge in the premium ingredients, be prepared to pay as much as $62 for the premium wagyu bowl. 

I was attracted to the Chirashi don section which listed at least 10 variations, a fairly good number compared to most Japanese restaurants. I opted for the Shake while my colleagues had the lunch sets (定食). It arrived the earliest in less than 10 minutes after the salad, since it was probably the easiest to prepare. However, it wasn't a slipshod work with raw seafood piled hastily atop. 

Beneath the neatly sliced salmon and scallops is a luxurious bed of Japanese rice flavored with Ume-Shiso furikake for the light purple hue. With the rice being so fluffy and tasty on its own already, the absence of side pickles was not missed. The crab legs were fresh and sweet, complemented by Ikura roe for the burst of umami. However, the dish forced me to decelerate my eating speed as it was quite hard to pick up the rice which did not hold together easily with chopsticks. 
I was very satisfied with my own choice but the set which tempted me the most was the Unagi Kamenashi Set ($28++) which my Japanese big boss commented that he found the unagi rice on the sweet side. For those who don't fancy sashimi, there are set meals with teriyaki chicken or deep-fried salmon as the mains. For the price, it's unlikely that I would revisit again unless someone wishes to treat me to a meal here again.

I'll be happy to tag along. 

Jin Fine Dining 

76 Telok Ayer 
Mon-Sat 11.30am-2.30pm, 6pm-10pm
Closed on Sun