Gelateria Acquolina : Rated Best Gelato in Tokyo

Heard about this super yummy gelato shop that is rated number one on Tabelog. Located in the sleepy town of Yutenji just a walk away from the station, this Italian gelataria occupies half a unit and it blends so well into the surroundings that you may miss it easily. The place doesn't set you in a bright and cheery mode like those colorful ice cream parlour as it is dimly lit with a brownish red interior. You can't see any gelato at all as they are covered in the metal tins like what a proper gelato shop would do. 

I could only sample one flavor as the number of samplings is based on the no. of order (not no. of flavors), according to the owner who was repeating the instructions on "how-to-order" for any first-time customers who has entered his wolf's gelato den. Rather stingy, I think, but I guess we have to live by the rule. I managed to try the OLIVE, which was such an off-beat flavor yet so deeply mesmerizing. 

My friend found it too "oily" but I thought it was a great creation as I liked the gentle inhales of olive and the buttery taste that lingered on the palates non-aggressively. Eventually after much debate, we settled for the classic PISTACHIO, PIEDMONT HAZELNUTS & the unique PUMPKIN SEED (aka Bruscolini) on a cone. 
And all three did not disappoint at all. The gelatos are full-bodied and not too sweet. The taste doesn't come into your face immediately, it gathers strength as you lick on. Coincidentally, these three are all nutty flavors but there is absolutely no conflict at all. It's velvety, dense and somewhat sticky, drifting refreshingly on the palates. The gelatos melted slower than the soft-serve which happened to be Yoghurt flavor that week. All the gelatos are made freshly from the kitchen and thus customers can be well-assured that there. 
I can see why this place is so well known among the locals as the taste literally transports them to Italy and most of the flavors sound like greek to the non-Italians. However, the gelatos did not have the "wow" factor as it is not difficult to find gelato of similar standards elsewhere. It did not surprise me after the visit to learn that the owner actually picked up the art of gelato in Italy. He sure knows his stuff very well but if he can lower the price of his gelato, I will come back more often. 

Tokyo-to Meguro-ku Goppongi 1-11-10
TEL: 03-5708-5787
Weekdays 15:00-23:00
Weekends/PH 12:00-23:00
Closed on Tues (except PH)
May be closed in Winter