Chew Kee Eating House : The Famous Soy Sauce Chicken

Avid fans of soy sauce chicken will know that there are 2 shops located along Cross Street that sell the same soy sauce chicken. Unit No. 8 (the white signboard) "Chew Kee" is the original shop run by the elder sister while Unit No. 32 (the red signboard) "Chiew Kee" is run by the brother. I had no idea which was the more delicious stall as it was colleagues who recommended and brought me to try the famous soy sauce chicken from Chew Kee @ No.8 

Business was packed as usual during lunch hours but there were seating spaces next door as well. We ordered one whole chicken which came in a pool of glistening dark black sauce. The size of the chicken was huge and  my group of 5 big eaters nearly couldn't finish it. Unlike most white chicken, the skin was noticeably fattier with very tender meat tucked underneath. Even the chicken breast meat that I would aim first, was so soft. 
The sauce wasn't overly salty or sweet, which makes a good companion with the aromatic oil rice more than the noodles. The noodles were chewy but slightly too soft to my liking. I usually look for a kick in the noodles, but the type of chilli sauce, the sweet ketchup-like kind, couldn't lift up the noodles. Neither did I find it go well with the chicken. 
Actually I'm not a person who is too particular about chicken and so this tasted good, though not convincing for me to make a trip down specially for this. Perhaps as what many online reviews have said, the brother's stall at No. 32 may be better. 

But I shall save my verdict until I visit that stall.

Chew Kee Eating House 

8, Upp Cross Street 
Closed on Fridays (except PH)