Bien-Être Patisserie @ Yoyogi Uehara パティスリー ビヤンネートル

When one speaks of patisseries in Yoyogi, there are always two popular names; one is Asterisque and the other is Bien-Entre. It's famous for its monthly-changing parfaits and the flavor for June happened to be the Shincha Parfait 新茶パフェ. It comes right at the perfect timing since June is the usual month when "新茶" meaning "new tea" or the first batch of tea for the year is harvested. The time of harvest does vary for different location and can start as early as April in regions like Kagoshima or Shizuoka.  

The shincha used in the parfaits come from an organic tea farm in Sayama City, Southern Saitama. Arranged in a typical fashion, the parfait (1080 yen with choice of tea/coffee) had shincha sorbet, shincha jelly, matcha ice cream and strawberry bean paste. The tea taste was quite elusive and it did not impress greatly probably because I've had higher expectations after hearing many good reviews. It's a mediocre parfait which is just nice for one but not quite suitable for two or more. 

ミルフィーユ・オ・スリーズ (フレッシュのアメリカンチェリーとコクのあるカスタードクリーム、サクサクのパイ生地)

On the other hand, the entremets are excellent works that I would love to come back for more. The Melon Shortcake (¥520), a seasonal twist on their signature Strawberry Shortcake, was so soft and finely moistened in the sponge without being too sweet. I thought the Millefeuille au Cerises (¥540) would have lost the crunch but it didn't. 
The pastry layers are darker than usual and exuded rare bitterness that complemented the sweet custard and tangy cherries. The Pistachio Grapefruit Chibourst Tart (¥560) was a chewy almond fragipane kind of tart topped with a pistachio praline Chibourst cream that was too sweet to my liking. Interestingly, there are quite a number of pistachio pastries and I would do a table of pistachio area if I were to drop by again.


〒151-0064 東京都渋谷区上原1-21-10 
Tokyo 151-0064, Shibuya ku Uehara 1-21-10
Daily:11:00~20:30  (No fixed rest day)