Coffee Break@ Amoy Street : Overpriced toasts and drinks

Can you hear my wallet crying? This is by far the most expensive coffee break I've had at a hakwer center. 

Run by young hawkerpreneus, this stall stands out from the crowd by offering more than just traditional kopi and toasts. The selection of earl grey cream, black sesame and cinnamon sugar is by no means, creative and appealing. On the drinks side, there's latte or chocolate with funky add-on like rum, salted caramel or even coffee with taro milk. 
I can't tell whether the kopi is tasty or not as I don't drink coffee. But the Green Tea Latte (hot $4.30/cold $4.80) was the worst, poorest done. It was so achingly sweet, as if a can of condensed milk has been dunked into it. All I could taste was milk and sugar. 

The malnourished toasts ($3 per portion)  that were barely slathered with the filling that left me heavily disappointed as well. Moreover, the taste could not make up for the pathetic portions. Perhaps the most impressive thing here was the knife--so sharp that it could slice through bread that were already paper-thin in the first place. 
As much as I would love to support young hawkers, I'm not convinced of another coffee break. There are plenty of better alternatives at Amoy. 

Coffee Break

#02-78 Amoy Street Food Center