Omoté: Prawn Ramen is better than Chirashi (TE8 Upper Thomson-Thomson Plaza)

Spicy Lobster Triple Chirashi ($23.8++)
Thanks to the Thomson East Coast Line Phase 2 Opening, it is much convenient to explore more food in the Thomson area. TE8 Upper Thomson is definitely a go-to place for the variety of eateries. 

Omoté is a Japanese restaurant that opened since 2015 at Thomson Plaza and has only one single outlet in Singapore. This was actually our 2nd visit to Omoté, after giving up waiting during our 1st visit. We underestimated its popularity and thought of walking-in for the first time but discovered a super long queue just right after it opened at 17:30 and decided to eat Hajime Tonkatsu & Ramen instead. I would strongly recommend to make reservation online at its official website in advance to secure a seat. Currently, booking slots are open for the following 14 days and usually ran out fast for weekend slots.

We were amazed by the serving speed notwithstanding the crowd and tons of takeaway/delivery orders. Went for the Spicy Lobster Triple Chirashi which came with the usual chirashi topping of raw sashimi/tuna etc. + lobster mixed with a spicy mayo-like sauce. To be honest, apart from the delicious Japanese rice, it did not taste as good as it sound. Some of the sashimi did not taste very fresh and the sauce overpowered the lobster. It reminded me of canned seafood mayo.  

The dark horse was the unassuming "Local Favourite" Prawn Ramen ($18.8++) with premium lunch set ($8++). The Prawn Ramen comes with seasoned pork slices, 72-hour prawn stock and Tokyo Ramen. The broth was rich and gratifying, very much comparable to Le Shrimp Ramen. The premium lunch set comprised of 6 different small cold/hot sides which could be something to consider if you are looking for a fuller meal. 

Would I return again? For the variety of items, it's a yes. 
Omoté (Reservation)
301, Upper Thomson Road, Thomson Plaza, #03-24A Singapore 574408