nosignboard SHENG JIAN 无招牌生煎: New Flagship Shanghai Sheng Jian Bao Specialty Shop (Yishun-Northpoint City)

From the original creators of Singapore’s White Pepper Crab, No Signboard had just introduced their latest casual and less expensive dining concept – nosignboard Sheng Jian at Northpoint City that specialises in Shanghai Sheng Jian Bao, as well as a whole line-up of Northern Chinese dim sum and dishes.
三彩生煎包Tricolour Sheng Jian Bao ($10.80+ / 6pcs) comes with two Signature “Popping Juices” 招牌噴浆, two Chili Crab and Pork 辣椒蟹 and two Vegan Sheng Jian Bao 纯素生煎包. The buns, which were pan fried by the chefs at the front of the restaurant, came with crisp, golden bun bottoms while its finely pleated tops are soft and delicate, breaking apart to a gush of piping hot juices. Of the three, The Chili Crab and Pork one is a must-try where it perfectly incorporates the local favourite taste into Sheng Jian Bao.
四川口水鸡 Spicy Chicken in Sichuan Style ($7.80+) was a very decent mouth-watering chicken appetizer considering its portion and its authentic rich, spicy and savoury taste.
辣椒蟹肉酱锅巴 Crispy Rice with Chili Crab Meat Sauce ($14.80+) was an interesting substitution of the usual chilli crab mantou. Very much similar to tortilla chips and nachos, the crunchiness of the guo-ba and moreish gravy encouraged me to take one bite after another.
It might sound simple but the 城王庙虾米葱油拌面 Dried Noodle with Scallion & Dried Shrimps ($6.80+) had an enticing aroma and a nostalgic taste that made me polished off the entire bowl. 
For sweet endings, I would recommend the 椰汁木瓜糕 Chilled Coconut Papaya Pudding  ($4.80/3pcs), a soothing and refreshing dessert. It's not too sweet and suitable for this sweltering weather.

We would definitely return with more people after the dine-in restrictions are lifted to enjoy even more dishes on the menu.

nosignboard SHENG JIAN
1 Northpoint Drive #01-137/138 South Wing of Northpoint City, 768019