FLIPPER'S SINGAPORE Opens 2nd Outlet at Bugis with Exclusive Soufflé!

Known for its famous Soufflé Pancakes, Flipper's Singapore has opened its 2nd outlet at Bugis on 25th Oct. Contrary to the basement flagship store at Takashimaya, the latest outlet offers a dining space with natural daylight streaming in.
New and exclusive on the menu is the KISEKI Pancake Honeycomb and Nut Butter. I highly recommend this if you like sweet-savoury desserts. It comes with 3 fluffy pancakes, a dollop of honeycomb and nut butter and maple syrup on the side. Sounds simple but the magic lies in the honeycomb and nut butter which had a pronounced salty profile that complemented the mildly sweet pancakes brilliantly. Chopped nuts imparted a pleasant crunch and toasty aroma. 
The expanded menu also extends to the savoury section, where we found this gorgeous Maple Bacon Pancake ($22.80) -- Turkey Bacon, fried Toretama egg, homemade rosti, with salad served in sesame dressing and maple syrup on the side. The star here is the fried Toretama egg, which fetches a more premium price on its own than the usual Hinata egg that they use. These eggs are bred by stress-free chickens and the creamier yolks make it a delicacy.
The other savoury item we tried was the Avocado Smoked Salmon version. One can top up $6 for a soup of the day and side drink. 

Bugis Junction #01-97, 200 Victoria St, Singapore 188021