Chelabela: Korean Army Stew & Bento kopitiam ran by Korean Family (TE5 Lentor)

We found this Korean stall in a coffee shop that specializes in budaejjigae through our random search on Google Map. The reviews were quite good and we realized the store had just moved to this new location in Aug 2021. Instead of having full range of Korean food on the menu previously, they are now focusing on budaejjigae and side dishes (larger ala carte portion). We noticed the stall was using disposable containers even for dining-in customers, which is not very eco-friendly and the dish presentation is not very good. Hence, we decided to dabao back.
The Army Stew ($18) came in only one size and suggested for 2 pax. The price included two styrofoam packs of short-grain rice but no side dishes. Actual portion is more than what is shown in the picture as we transferred it from the plastic container to reheat at home. The soup contained luncheon meat, sausages, tofu, Korean rice cake, bean paste and Ramyeon. E felt there was too much carbs and it is slightly overpriced considering that most of the ingredients were processed food. Nonetheless, the broth was creamy, smooth and not too spicy. In fact, we found it pretty addictive and polished all the broth to the very last drop.

We would recommend to pay a visit to them if you are visiting or living nearby. We also noticed they have introduced BBQ Pork/Chicken Bento to their menu at the point of writing this article. May give it a try another time.

[Update-2nd visit]
The bento is actually quite decent and we are able to try their side dishes. You can choose  level of spiciness for the meat. Quite worth the money ($6 for pork/$5 for chicken) and we think is good option for grabbing a balanced meal.

603 Ang Mo Kio Ave 5, Singapore 560603