Hediard : The Macaron Report

I did not know that so many kinds of macarons have been hiding at Hediard near Tanglin Mall. Theirs is a HUGE version of the normal macarons and (of cos the price is about twice that of the usual ones). Nonetheless, it is never too late to try, especially when they come up with a special one every month!

Macaron of July: Cherry Macaron with Pistachio Buttercream and sour cherry configure

This is the first I've tried and it is really one of the better quality ones so far. The shell is crispy, and luckily not too chewy. The macarons sold here are larger than the usual ones and of course do nOt expect the price to be the same.
Truly Pistachio! Look at bits of nuts mixed into the cream that is piped delicately onto the shell rather than just spread across like your butter and kaya toast.

Some people who are afraid of trying macarons because of its overly sweetness can consider this as your first attempt as it is really just nice with the balance of truly sour tangy cherry jam? Or confiture? right smack in the centre.I was pleasantly surprised by Hediard's Macaron as it scores higher than I expected.
And so i waited and waited for the August one below here!
Macaron of August: Le Calisson
a delicious French melon Cavaillon Marmalade beneath a creamy Calisson infusion ring

Had been awaiting the August one to be out and yeps. It did not fail the expectation. Like the melon marmalade as it is less sticky and not as sweet as our usual marmalade or jam. Very light and refreshing fruity taste.
Calisson is actually a traditional French Marzipan candy with a fruitlet melon flavor. It is from the Provence where the Melon and the almonds are the most tasty ones:)I don't really like marzipan as it is extremely sweet and sticky. but since this macaron just contain the fruity flavor but not the sweet texture, it was a delight to have it
Caramel sea salt Macaron (Always available)

This is the best out of the 4 and it has a really crunchy shell. As the filling is a ganache, not butttercream, the sweet and salty caramel literally melts in your mouth. Though this is bigger than usual, you will complaint that it is simply not enough after you finish this.

Do not worry about the sweetness here and you get a thicker layer of filling here the usual macarons

Earl Grey Chocolate  (Always available)

This one is the hardest and the most chewy among the three. I wonder if it is due to cocoa in the shell? But actually this should not happen and I was a little disappointed with the texture of this piece. Need to be really patient for the Earl grey filling to turn soft or otherwise just have to work your jaw muscles more vigorously.

The earl grey taste is present but could be stronger. That said Hediard macarons are worth trying than its eclair and millefeuille shown below.

Chocolate Eclair
Taste average as the choux puff has already harden.
Luckily the cream was enough and soft too... making up for the less satisfactory shell. But I like that the choux pastry has a nice brown colour and does not give a strong eggy taste.

Not a highly recommended one for the price.

Well this is disappointing given that it comes from Hediard. The one published on a food magazine looks very different from this. But u cannot tell the inferior quality from the looks. The puff pastry compared to previous reviewed ones, are too soft....like it was underbaked. They are pale white in colour and it was difficult to enjoy such a poorly executed pastry.

The custard cream tastes very thick,sticky and so do not expect that kind of luscious cream u get in your cream puffs. Strange to find a slightly overpowering taste of vanilla even though high quality vanilla seeds have been added. Perhaps the chefs might have 弄巧反拙,as vanilla is supposed to enhance the flavor, not the other way. I'm a huge fan of vanilla cream but this somehow does not taste right.

Conclusion: Hediard is better at making biscuits and macarons. The other patisseries are not really worth trying as the price does not match the quality. Will continue to look out for its September Macaron....=D

Hediard Cafe Boutique
Tudor Court  (next to Tanglin Mall)


  1. Hi found your blog by accident. Just wanted to say that your pictures look really awesome, and your reviews are interesting to read. Keep up the good job! I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future (:

  2. hello Amelia,

    thanks for your comments. Are you the Amelia from my USP class ? Anyway, it is nice meeting you=) I will try my best to share the food experience as much as I can! Stay tuned=)


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