Pizzeria Mozza

This 2nd visit was a totally unplanned one. Sinde no reservation was made,we were left with the bar seats though it was only a few minutes into their dinner service.

Well, the gd thing of bar seats is that we can get to see everything in action! from the pizza making process , how other food was moving out from the back kitchen to what kind of food was ordered the most, how did the food look like...it was really an eye opener especially when you have 2 executive chefs in front of you checking that every plate is perfect before it is served to the hungry diners.

Prosciutto di Parma, rucola, tomato, mozzarella ($25)
We waited nearly 45 min but it can't be helped since the pizzas were made to order. In fact, if you just order pizza, it will be just nice for one person to have one plate of pizza by herself. Do not worry that you will be too full as the crust is not thick at all.

Quite a kid-friendly pizza as long as you remove the rucola on top if he/she don't eat this veggie.Some kids might not be used to this kind of ham but to me, the Prosciutto was awesome, very little fats but yet tasted so smokey and savoury. Very tender and each is sliced extremely thin. I think most adults would like this ham more than the usual bacon or meaty ham. This one is like eating paper thin 很有光泽的Italian ham.

I think one must really try the pizza here at least once in a lifetime as it is amazing to see how the dough can actually puff out at the sides but yet it is just a empty hard crust.

Fried goat cheese with Umbrian Lentils($16)
Sinful but delicious. Fried Goat cheese does not taste as oily as it sounds but is extremely salty.

The cheese paired well the bed of lentils and soft carrots.

How can we miss trying the bruchestta in an Italian restaurant?
White beans alla Toscana with extra virgin olive oil and Saba($15)

The bruschetta is really very hard but crispy. So better don't try if teeth is weak.

Underneath this innocent white bean mash is the Saba which was spicy. The spiciness is unlike the chilli or curry kind, but is just a temporary mild sweet tinge in your tongue. I thought it was fish but it is actually fermented grapes!!! Look like anchovies to me.

Having tried the delicious salted caramel desserts here on the 1st visit, we crossed over next door to Osteria Mozza for a wider selection.

Apple Borsellino
Caramel Gelato & whipped cream.

This is actually another version of apple pie but this tastes alot better as the pastry is crispy and warmed out from the oven. The caramel gelato was not sweet but bittersweet, and it was dotted between two thinly sliced apple crisp. The apple crisp is green but slightly translucent and so do not mistake this for the apple chips...way much different.I wished the caramel gelato was more.

The apple sachet is baked very well, because the interior is soft and not overpowered with the spice of cinnamon. I do not really like apple pie because it is too heavy and chunky but this was really very well baked in every aspect.
Huckleberry marmellata & vanilla gelato
(huckleberry is similar to blueberry and here you can taste plenty of the North American fruit in it's original form)

This was highly recommended by the waitress. I was a bit skeptical as "why should people have doughnuts as dessert in a restaurant like this?" but this donut is really worth trying. Never regretted at all as it was not too filling and not oily at all. There was no smell of fried doughnuts that we would usually get. Furthermore, the ball itself is not sweet.

The huge generous scoop of vanilla gelato sits on a pool of thick yellow sour custard.tasted like passionfruit.Pair the bombelini (the mini fried dough balls) with the custard, ice cream and the blue huckleberry compote......hot vs cold, sweet vs sour......一切不言而喻。

A very satisfying meal indeed but better not rush in without any reservations.

Pizzeria Mozza (the casual dining)
& Osteria Mozza( fine dining)
Marina Bay Sands