The Patissier: 喜出望外

This had been a shop that I have always wanted to go. And at last.....I've finally tries the cakes and I must say that they are really worth trying for something more than just the usual strawberry shortcake. From the website, they have categorized their pastries into cheese, chocolate, fruits, meringues, exotic. I like the exotic ones the most as they consist of interesting pairings of ingredients.....not that the ingredient itself is special of course.
As the cakes are too many, I shall cover them in 2 posts.
Choux Puff with passionfruit chantily cream and...
Wow wow wow. This was a huge cream puff BUT the taste was heavenly. Way much better than Mooshi cream puff and comparable to Tampopo's.

A surprise

Can't believe my eyes when I cut through the puff. There was chocolate ganache, not mousse. And a layer of bittersweet sponge...a more moist sponge than the one in double praline below.
It was a pleasant surprise...还好是惊喜不是惊吓
Strawberry Shortcake
Chantily cream, sponge, sugar dough crumbles

This is a classic and they have taken a twist to it by adding crumbles. this gives the cake a more interesting texture and as a person who likes crunchy stuff, this was of course better. However, the sponge was not moist or soft enough compared to the Japanese version. The sweetness of the chantily cream was near perfect.
From here, you can see the layers of sponge which I think could be fewer as I favour more cream.
But as I compared this with the previous version posted by indulgence after workout here, I think the current one is a much simplified version. I'm curious how the old one taste like......

Tea for Two
A subtly flavoured melon mousse and tea-flavoured creme brulee on chiffon sponge

The mousse actually tastes very cheesy rather than melon. The melon tasted the strongest in the green external coating. Although it was cheesy, it was also very light and paired well with the chunks of orange rock melon.
Can you see the small dome of creme brûlée in the centre?

I could not really tell what kind of tea was used as the taste of this creme brûlée is very subtle. The tea could have been much stronger but this was the least sweet of the entire cake. Oh...but I wonder why was it named Tea for Two? Two types of tea? Or for 2 person to share this? Can't be. 1 is already not enough for me:) Must Try.

The Marquise
A dense chocolate cake filled with rum soaked raisins, almonds and biscuits.

This one reminds me of the Marquise from Royal Scotts Carousel. But compared to the latter, the raisins were soaked in rum. Great booze but a pity that the portion is relatively smaller than Carousel's version at a similar price.
The mesh of cookie crumbs and raisins form a Lego block in the middle and coated with chocolate mousse.

The mousse was good and the quality of the chocolate used must be quite high too. But it was hard breaking through the Lego Block. But I like this because I personally prefer a crunchy choc cake to a choc mousse sponge cake.

Double Praline Chocolate Cake
crunchy chocolate crust, rich praline mousse between layers of chocolate mousse

Another favorite choice but I find it less appealing than the rest. The feuilattine was too thin to get the sufficient crunchiness. The sponge layer at the base was especially dry but the mousse was alright. I find that the regent's version and many of the chocolate royaltine all over various places were executed better.
So not a must try.

Emperor Dowager
Light as air strawberry mousse, sponge, raspberries and crunchy royaltine base

This does not have the kind of boldness, or 凶悍 as described in the name. Rather, it seems like a petite strawberry lady that is very sweet. There is a white choc coating to the cake, adding on to a sugar rush.

The sponge is layered vertically and this was similar to the sponge in the strawberry shortcake. But again, I guess due to the chef preference again to provide a contrasting texture, the same feuilattine was added at the bottom.


so much smaller in size than expected for the price actually. But I guess the quality was good. The cream was light but not as airy as a mousse kind. Unlike the usual ones that are heavily dusted with cocoa powder, this one had a chocolate gelee like layer at the top.

But the liquor was sufficient to taste. Perhaps because of this twist, this version is slightly sweeter but overall the texture is truly smooth. At least the sponge was not dry.

So overall, how did the Patissier fare? after a while, I somehow get the feeling that the components are mixed and matched here and there (eg the crunchy base feuillatine), starting to get a bit repetitive. Nonetheless, I think not too bad as most of the cakes left a deep impression especially the cream puff and Tea for Two. Considered quite creative really as I enjoy this kind of surprise for that I would return to try more.

Look out for the 2nd post.

The Patissier
18 Ann Siang Hill or 4 Mohamed Sultan Road