Fruit Paradise: New Inventions

Guess many people have already tried the tarts from Fruit Paradise, which is famous for it's light Japanese cream fruit tarts. Here are the three latest fruit tarts that were created to make good use of seasonal fruits like the US cherries.
Crushed Lemon Jelly Tart
Kiwi fruits, strawberry, grapefruit with handmade orange jam on cheese mousse. Covered with refreshing lemon jelly

Initially, I thought there would be crushed lemon ice on top of the tart. But it is lemon jelly that has a konnyaku like texture, which was crushed or meshed into tiny bits and scattered on top of the fruit tart. The lemon jelly was extremely sour but the texture was just right, not too chewy.

The taste of the homemade orange jam was not very obvious but you can find bits of oranges in the very light cheese mousse. The cheese was not overwhelming and I was surprised that the combination of cheese and oranges paired quite well.
Lychee Yoghurt Tart
Fresh and juicy lychees, White grapes and grapefruits nestled among the heaps of yoghurt honey mousse on cheese base.

Although this one has a cheese base like the crushed lemon jelly tart, this one is mixed with some yoghurt or sour cream as it tastes more tangy that it's usual cheese mousse tart. The white grapes, with their green skin attached, was sour as compared to the normal purple grapes but the insides were very sweet.

This tart is the least sweet among the 3. My favorite part is indeed the tiny mounds of yoghurt mousse on top. It holds it's shape very well but yet maintains it's soft velvety texture. This is also the part where the yoghurt tasted the strongest. It was clever of the chef to pair it with extremely sweet fruits like grapes and lychee as the sourness can balance off the sweetness, making this a well balanced tart in terms of flavors.
However, the vanilla sponge sandwiched in between the layers were lackluster as it is slightly grainy and not very spongy.
The Blackforest Tart
American cherries and dark cherries infused with Kirshwasser amidst rich dark chocolate ganache.

I'm sure many are familiar with Blackforest cake but Blackforest tart? A good reinvention of the classic by reducing the cake sponge to a single layer. This is very close to a Blackforest cake as all the components are kept except that a pastry tart is used to hold all the various cream,sponge and ganache.

I prefer this to it's cake counterpart as this has more cream than sponge. Though it only stated that it has dark chocolate ganache, there is also a milk chocolate mousse, an even lighter white chocolate mousse which had a slight kirsch flavour and also the simple whipped fresh cream. So it is way much complicated tart compared to the previous 2.

The cherries found on top are the fresh US cherries that are very sweet. And buried in the cream layers are another type of alcohol-soaked cherries that burst and fills your mouth with the kirsch juices. Unlike past Blackforest cakes that I've tried, the cherries found here are much generous and the soaked cherries are especially soft and not too sweet, not hard and chewy. Luckily they used this type of cherries as some Blackforest cakes use the bright red cherries (normally found in Chinese wedding dinners) that has a chemical like artificial sweet taste.

However, across all 3 tarts, a common problem lies in the tart. It still maintains it's grainy digestive like texture, but had turned slightly soggy. So I can get the crumbliness but not the crispness of a shortcrust pastry and biscuit crumbs would easily break apart and some would stick onto the cake paper (a thin paper that is normally used to hold individual tarts or cakes). The crust for these tarts were too sweet and reminds me of a moist cheesecake base. So I would prefer the slightly salted and crispier tart shell of the fruit tarts by Cafe MaMaison.

Wouldn't it be great if there is a fruit tart that combines the crispy shell of MaMaison and the consistent good quality cream fillings of Fruit Paradise?:)

Fruit Paradise:
Available at five outlets (variety changes so might not always be on shelves)
Orchard central
Raffles City Shopping centre
Tampines 1
Plaza Singapura