Best Quality and Value Cream Puff

Finally, I've found a contender for Tampopo and beard papa's cream puff. I would like to call this the Giant Snowball Cream Puff. This is so good that I would just want to dedicate one post to this cream puff.

Dusted with icing sugar, the choux puff exterior is so light and crunchy. Usually, to maintain the crispness of cream puff, the filling is done upon order. However, this one is not. It had been filled with cream for hours but yet did not turn soggy. So thumbs up for the golden brown and durable crust shell.

This is actually sold at Cafe MaMaison which only has a outlet at Millenia Walk. They sell Japanese Fruit tarts, as hence is a strong contender to Fruit Paradise's fruit tarts. Having tried the tarts from both places, I always feel that the consistency of the cream in Mamaison fruit tarts is somewhat lacking compared to Fruit Paradise. However, this one has certainly hit the jackpot and tops my local original cream puff list for now....终于让我吃到了。

And if you compare prices, $1.30 is by far the cheapest puff I've cone across for this gigiantic size. Really, it can feed 2 people or 1 hungry cream puff fan like myself. The cream is not piped from the side or neither was this sliced into half horizontally and then filled with cream like Mooshi's version. Then where did they pipe the cream?

This one is piped from the base which we cannot see unless you turn over the huge ball. The cream is so soft and flecked with vanilla seeds. Put your nose near it and you can smell the vanilla scents that is so light and tempting. It is not just simply whipped cream, Nama cream or custard, but indeed a very good ratio of custard and soft whipped cream. The perfect ratio is often hard to grasp by many pastry chefs and this one done by a Japanese female chef is really impressive.
By the way, this is extremely popular and it is definetely always gone by evening so better to make a reservation through phone to avoid disappointment. Even if only 1 cream puff is reserved like what I did, they are very polite and would gladly set it aside for you.

Cafe Ma Maison
9 raffles boulevard level 1
PARCO Marina
Tel 63368260


  1. looks very good! i will try it when i walk past! i dun like beard papa, too sweet for me.

  2. hello ms tam chiak!

    im so surprised to read your comments. It is really an honour to have you read my blog. 看到你的留言真开心!因为我其实是你的忠实读者,一直都有阅读你在我报里头的文章和你的部落格=)

    对了,我其实也是读了你的royal china dimsum post 才介绍家人一起去吃。。真的不错!希望将来还能够与你交流。Thanks alot for your comments.


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