Kway Guan Huat Joo Chiat Popiah: President's Pick?

This very old popiah stall was not easy to locate as the place looks very different from it's website. Opened since 1938, the stall still looks very traditional and there were only a table outside to sit down and eat the popiah. Guess most ppl takeaway. But you can order but eat the popiah at the stall that sells beef hor fun next door.

We don't even know how or who to order from at first. A lady, who appeared nonya, took the orders.sadly and disappointedly, they only have 1kind of popiah left, no more crabmeat or vegetarian or even the premium $3.50 kind of popiah.

$2 each

I saw the uncle make the popiah skin. It was very different from the kind of popiah skin outside as theirs is a bit translucent and chewy. Like the super thin version of the crystal pau dumplings 水晶包.

The ingredients were the usual kind like turnips, carrots, taugeh, 甜面酱 but I did not notice any peanuts. Instead, crispy fish bits that tasted like crackers were used. Very crunchy and special. However, though their fillings are all home made, I feel that the thing that sets it apart from the crowd is the chewy skin and the overall warm ingredients.

Some popiah are cold both inside and outside while some are warm only because of the turnips. This one is warm throughout, which is why perhaps it's freshness that make it so popular. Other than that I think is quite the same.
3 for $2

We also ordered kway pie tee....Which is warm and crunchy and full of flavour. Must eat this in one bite

Rather disappointed at the selection as we thought we can have a popiah feast, we ordered the apparently TV featured beef balls soup from the stall next door.

Surprisingly this was not too bad. The beef balls are bouncy.

On the way in search of popiah, we past by another shop called the Imran Confectionary. Why did it catch my attention? Because we can see it's kitchen directly from the front and the uncle said that they make their curry puffs all by themselves. And one thing is that this Indian uncle only sells 3 kinds chicken, beef and potato. That day, all the chicken ones are sold out.

So I ordered this potato version. It was sooo good. The crispy skin and huge triangle size of this flat Indian curry puff

The skin is really crispy 酥脆的咯 and not the typical thicker version of old chang kee or rolina. For the is really cheap at only $1.

The potatoes filling were soft and mushy.
The other thing they sell that is not shown here is the sugee cookies. So hard that you can't use your bare hands to break them apart. Have to use a knife to chop them. But they were very good.

Okay...did I forgot to mention that the President's maid come here to takeaway the popiah? According to ieatishootipost blog post here, they used a traditional nonya recipe and has also been features in the top 8 popiah by The ST.

kway guan huat popiah
95 Joo Chiat Rd

Beef ball soup ( just next door)

Imran Confectionery
125 Joo chiat road


  1. I have ordered 3 sets for CNY reunion dinner.
    It had better be good 1 set = $48
    Prawn and egg not included.
    Also I have to bring my own container to collect the fillings.
    So troublesome so I am already having second thoughts about ordering it in the first place.
    But I really hope it will be as good as the reviews.

  2. Hi I collected the popiah and ate 1 piece.
    Verdict - absolutely heavenly!
    The skin is wonderfully thin but resilient and does not break.
    The chilli really has the kick.
    Now waiting for my relatives to come. I hope the skin will remain this wonderful when they arrive.

  3. dairycream aka.恬January 22, 2012 at 8:34 PM

    Hello Candy!
    Sorry for the late reply...i wanted to reply you the other day when I first saw your message but I forgot all about it when I reached home. Anyway, glad that you have enjoyed the popiah. It has been quite a while since I've blogged this post so I am not sure if their standards still remain. But apparently from your comments, it seems they are still as good=D

    I am currently overseas and I guessed I can't blog anything about Singapore food for another six months at least.
    But nonetheless, have a great chinese new year!!!
    Huat ar!!!


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