Cafe o'peretta: Hallelujah!

This place has just opened in the last few months in a boutique hotel at Duxton Hill. Previously, I've written a post here about the mooncake macarons which were all made by Chef Mayumi. In fact, she also holds pastry classes almost every Saturday and those classes are getting more and more popular among baking enthusiasts here. Having tried several cakes, I would say that they are better than it's mooncake macarons but still I think the quality has not really matched other Japanese patisseries like Tampopo, Flor and Cake Glacé and the prices are pricey for the size of the cake. But nonetheless, one can still go ahead to try a few of their signatures like the L'Operetta but not the Hotel Berjaya.

L' Operetta
Biscuit Dacquoise With Espresso, layered with feuilattine, coffee and chocolate cream
This is another version of the classic Opera but without the buttercream once again. Hmm, is that a new trend of opera? But once again, it can do without the buttercream as the coffee and chocolate cream matches so well with one another. The cream here is thicker and holds together more firmly that the usual mousse.

The Dacquoise was moist and released some coffee flavour, but not really as bitter as I had expected it to be. Afterall, it was written that espresso was used. The Feuillatine was also less crunchy perhaps due to the addition of more chocolate ganache. But overall sweetness was just right.

Tart Citron
Lemon cream, raspberry sauce with a caramelized meringue

This is a classic lemon curd tart and it took me quite some time before deciding to try it. The lemon filling was very tangy and not eggy at all, which is very good of course. The tart shell, again had exactly the same crispiness as it's tart shell for the Profiterole.

An a unique thing about this is that there is a layer of raspberry filling hidden beneath the lemon curd:)

The quality of this citron tart( guess not only lemon was used, but maybe some lime and oranges) makes it slightly better than the previous ones that I've tried.Though the meringue has weeped a little after a day in the fridge.

Strawberry Shortcake

This is really good. Comparable to other versions. It's very hard to diff amongst the various versions unless can try them all at one go. Literally impossible unless for the newspaper food review critics. So all I can say is that the cream here is less sweet and lighter than any other I have tasted so far. The sponge meet the light and soft standard too. But I guess this is not surprising since the chef is a Japanese lady:)

Biscuit Caramel with semi dry figs, cassis cream and creme chantily
(don't mistake the biscuit for real biscuit, it is actually a dense cake)

This one is named after the hotel and I thought it would be very special. Yes, no doubt the ingredients such as dried figs are quite rare,it is way too sweet and can compete with a mont blanc. However, this is harder to finish because the texture is like a dense butter almond cake. Biscuit caramel??? Where was it actually....

Though the blueberry with vanilla mousse or cream cheese like layer was soft and little tangy, it did not save my overall lack luster impression of the cake amongst all. I wonder if this is really a good cake to be named after Hotel Berjaya.

Tart Profiterole
Choux puff with Praline Cream and Chocolate sauce

This one is a must buy every time I spot one. This one is phew...not too sweet. The choux puff is but not the best. However, each mini puffs oozes out delicious praline cream that has a very subtle hazelnut taste. The thickness of cream is just right too.
The best thing about this is the tart shell. Very thin yet crispy. Can just snap it with your fingers yet it holds its shape so well enough to hold the praline cream(more below the puffs) and support the entire structure.

Paris Brest
Choux puff with Praline cream and Dark Chocolate Feuillatine
Regret buying this after knowing that most components are similar to the Profiterole tart. So much the same taste and texture except for the dark chocolate crunchy bits.
This one is not shaped like a traditional Paris Brest(round ones) but looks like eclairs to me. The top is littered with hazelnut bits that are not really very crunchy already. I think it is better to choose the tart Profiterole even though I think this looks more stunning.

Trios Chocolat
French imported Dark, Milk and White Chocolate on a crumbly base

I was expecting quite alot from this but honestly this cake is not worth compared to other much softer choc mousse cake available, like Paves Opera or The Patissier's Majesty. The chocolate section though not too sweet, was slightly chewy or rubbery. Strange for a mousse cake isn't it?

Yes though the base is a supposed to be crumbly... But not really so. It wad quite hard and you can easily separate the mousse from the biscuit. So you can tell that the entire mousse was solidified and place on top of the biscuit.So the flavors have not melded together. Like two different items all together.

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