Pave: French Classics

I've returned again. This time with 4 more cakes. Looks like the chocolate journey at Pave never seems to end:) And what do all these cakes here have in common? They are all classic French pastries.

Chocolate mousse and sponge
coated with a ganache and dusted heavily with cocoa powder

Unlike the usual classic kind that is ganache, coffee buttercream and sponge. This one is just mousse and sponge. However, it is so good that you can forgive them for leaving out the buttercream. This one uses very good choc and does not taste too heavy on the palate. Some choc cakes are just too rich and takes a long time to finish one. But this...gone in a minute or so...Heavenly.

Dense almond sponge cake sandwiched with seasonal French apricot jam and coated with a chocolate ganache.

How can I give this classic Austrian cake a miss when it finally appeared in Singapore. It is a very filling cake given it's dense texture. But luckily it is not too dry and the cake contains generous amount of cocoa nibs or chocolate shavings, which makes the cake crunchy.

The ganache just simply melts in you mouth along with the cake. And it is not just ganache, but the top is covered with a crispy chocolate round. I do not usually go for butter or pound cakes or similar pastries but this was really not oily or too sweet.

Not to mention that this contain the aftertaste of mixed spices...
Indeed....I think Pave has reinvented a classic was really "moist and with a lingering chocolate flavour". The homemade apricot jam really fused with the cake and the whole thing tasted as one, not as separate components.

Flourless Chocolate Cake with Creme Fraiche
Good dense sticky brownie like cake but certainly stickier and better than a brownie. This one is similar to Canele and Kki French chocolate cake.
Actually the thing that I want to try here was the home made Creme Fraiche. Quite expensive if you buy it at Cold Storage....but to make this all by themselves...impressive dedication to give good and fresh products. Ooh, and it tasted like cream cheese to me. Flecked with vanilla seeds, it is more like a dollop of light creamy white cheese mousse.
Wish there was more as it was too little to pair with the big slice of cake=)

Chocolate Orange Cake
Did not expect to try this as it was not featured in their blog. The dome of mousse taste like milk chocolate but the centre was another pleasant surprise:)- the orange marmalade that was luckily not as thick as jam.

collapsed milk chocolate dome at the top
The entire thing sits on a soft and not dry sponge.The chocolate and orange pairing seems like a new experiment after pairing chocolate and apricot. I'm not a great fan of chocolate with tangy or citrusy fruits but I would like it if both manages to blend well together. This one....yes. Highly recommended.

Kouign Amman
Famous Brittany buttery pastry

This is a baked pastry that is made by overfolding butter and sugar btw layers of puff pastry and baked until the whole thing is caramelized brown. However, I'm not too sure if berries marmalade were supposed to be added so much. As the French one recorded by David Lebovitwz is just a simple round disk ( For his writeup on the Kouign Amman, click here)

I like the sides of the pastry as it is really crunchy but the centre of the puff pastry was slightly underbaked. As the jam in the centre was very sweet so I would prefer the buttery pastry part.

Other than the Canele at Canele, this is the only place in Singapore I think where you can find truly good Canele:)
Crunchy on the outside and custardy inside. Spongy Airholes

In fact, TWG also sells them but this is slightly better and more affordable than TWG for similar quality. Die die must try this petite French classic if you have not yet tried one before. It gives out a subtle  aftertaste of rum so if alcohol desserts lover would like this.

I suddenly feel like flying to Paris.

Pave Chocolate
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