Da Paolo: An old friend revisited

I have been trying Da Paolo Gastronomia's boxed desserts 5 years ago and for quite a while there has not been any new items. It is a place that sells gourmet food and takeaway food. But recently, I was surprised by their new additions which of course will be a great thing for people who like their cakes. They have also modified their logo and come up with a better updated list of their available food items (pizzas cheese pasta sauces etc) so I guess it is sign that they are moving towards a more efficient way of production.

Although they might be pricey, they are really of good quality and huge quantity as compared to individual petite cakes that cost the same or even more. For ladies, they can satisfy 2-3 person.(or more if u like).It's abt $6-$9 for each cake so its around $3-4.50 per halved portion. (if u were to divide the price among the people)

Peanut butter chunk

For the huge size which can be shared amongst 3 person, it is definitely worth the price. The peanut butter was gooey and slightly savory after heating. Together with the dark chocolate brownie and sweet and salty crunchy peanuts, this was highly recommended. It really taste much better after warming up, as it was quite hard after storing in fridge.
Sinfully delicious (from top to bottom): almond nibs in chocolate, crunchy peanut butter feuilattine, caramel peanuts, chocolate cream, cream cheese brownie

Although I had been warned that it can get messy after warming up, but who cares? The taste is the most important thing. Really can't miss this for peanut butter fans.

Orange Cream Cake
This is quite average as it consists of a layer of orange cream, genoise sponge filled with dried citrus fruit and a layer of thin chocolate ganache. This is less sweet than the other cakes here but the texture of the cake is still not as soft as preferred to be.

Sundae mousse cake

This one is another highly recommended one besides the Peanut butter chunk.

The white chocolate mousse and chocolate cream is very velvety and smooth. Suprisingly, the white chocolate layer was light and not too sweet. Once again, the hazelnut praline feuilatine helps to provide a crunchy texture to the cake. The addition of morello cherries was highly desired because the sourness really helped to reduce the sickness when you sometimes having too much creamy stuff at one go. The chocolate meringue sponge was not too dry. An interesting and worth trying mousse cake which is less rich than your ice cream sundae:)

Mango Passionfruit Hazelnut Almond cake topped with almond nibs
(hidden with passionfruit jelly that gives it a citrus tangy twist)

This is actually a very simple cake with just mango passionfruit buttercream in between the vanilla sponge.

Though it was really less sweet than the usual mango cakes(I personally seldom eat mango cakes as I find mango too sweet), the buttercream was the key that is deterring one from having the cake. Perhaps it would be better if they can mix this with some mousse and not just simply eating butter. 稍微太腻了.
Coffee Orange Crunch Cake
Coffee cream, sponge with dried oranges and Feuillatine base
Another very tasty cake that pairs coffee and citrus fruits....gone is the usual pairing of choc and orange.

The different layers meld very well together. Actually, the orange was not found into the cream and but its skin was used and added to the sponge layer. The bottom Feuilatinne was thick enough to give that contrasting texture. Though it is not the crunchiest one so far, this is above average amongst the selection at Da Paolo.

Bread and butter pudding($6)

This is really very rich and sinful. Why? Because when I heat it up, the pudding was literally sitting in a bowl of oil. Not exaggerating at all and when you press your fork to take each bite, out ooze the yellow melted butter. But because of this presence of butter, the pudding was fragrant and moist.

Can't really taste the caramel sauce supposedly on top but occasionally will get the burst of rum in the mouth which comes from the plump alcohol soaked raisins. Though this came without any creme anglaise, it was very good on it's own. Not too sweet and sticky. Just right:)

Da Paolo Gastronomia (gourmet deli cafe)
Paragon Orchard, Holland Village, Serangoon Gardens My Village and many other outlets.


  1. thanks for your posts!! they're awesome!!

    i believe the Berry Cheese Crumble and Tiramisu are worth mentioning too!! they are REALLLYYY good. :D

  2. yeps...definitely agree with you. but i tried them before i started this blog..so did not take photos that time. Nonetheless, it was another chance to write about them when they came up with those new items above.

    Thank you also for reading! Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!=)


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