Mooshi: best cream puffs?

This much raved cream puff had been out since last dec and i had only try it recently. It is created by this bakery Mooshi, under the Awfully Chocolate & EwF company. They sell cakes, tarts, bread, buns. There is a dine in section under the name Joojoo, which serves Japanese, western food. Have not yet tried it though.

Well,the cream puffs are piped upon order. Looked at the kosong cream puffs shells!next to it is the gooey buns, another of their signature buns featured in many press reviews as well.

The cream puff I had eagerly wanted to try

Verdict is that it is still not the best one in Singapore. To me, No.1 is still Tampopo cream puff. The shell is commendable. Very crispy and the base is something like you know Papa Roti or Caterpillar bun??where the edges are thicker and sweeter? Yeps that's the part of Mooshi cream puffs that I like.

But when it comes to the cream, hmm, taste artificial. Even though it made be freshly piped in front of you.I believe if not wrong this is jut whipped cream and not mixed with any custard cream. What surprise me is that it does not melt easily under Singapore's hot weather...hmmm it would have melted if it is really pure cream.

Honestly it tastes like the cream that is piped on sundaes like in Swensens. Not sure if now do they still use the whipped cream from metal cans.And hah....what a disappointment to find that the filling of the cream puff has been reused for the Cake of the Day below.

The Mango Custard Cake ($6.90)
Mango custard cream is sandwiched between the yellow cake layers.

Do not expect sponge like textures here although the taste is not too bad. But rather average quality. Do not like the idea of reusing the whipped cream for the outer layer. They can afford better quality Nama cream.

You can find similar cakes at EwF since they are the same company. I saw a Strawberry custard whole cake and it looks exactly like the mango one. So I guess they might just replace the mango with strawberries. Creativity??

 Their signature Gooey buns ($1.80)

I was looking for a American cinnamon sticky buns but Mooshi version looked and taste different. For the price you get two mini ones that are stuck together dollop with a thicker layer of cream cheese.

2 mini squares (stuck together) per portion

Luckily, it is not a sweet bun and the cream cheese is very soft after I placed it in my oven. However I guess the gooeyness comes from the cheese and not when you unroll a bun like a cinnamon roll where the in betweens emits cinnamon smell and you can feel the sticky melted brown sugar.

I think up to personal preferences whether you prefer this or the traditional cinnamon sticky buns. For me, I prefer the latter one that does not have the cheese.

Warm Peanut Butter Crumble ($5.90)

For this price, it is indeed a huge generous piece suitable for sharing. I like peanut butter and luckily this one is not too sweet. But funny, I warmed it up and the middle layer of peanut butter tastes like hard chewy jelly.

It is not mousse or cake but like rubber. First time I'm using rubber to describe a pastry. Weird. The crumble is very sandy and it has another layer of biscuit layer. Luckily does not taste like recycled from digestive biscuits.

For something better and harder to find in other places......
The Pandan Tart($5.90)

This might be too sweet but I find it quite special as Mooshi has explored an Asian flavour. the filling taste sth like pandan kueh but less chewy and more custardy. The crust is not crumbly but at least still crunchy.

It really has a nice pandan smell but might mistake it for a kaya tart at first glance. Portion is generous for this price:) worth trying

Although their name is Japanese, their style is more of Local and American rustic cakes and pies. So is their cream puff the best? Not yet the best but perhaps it's still worth trying it and their many other bread on shelves.

Mooshi Bakes
131 East Coast Road #01-01