Salon Bake & Tea @ Shinjuku NEWoman : 30-cm jumbo parfait and other quality French desserts

I am usually very skeptical about desserts from cafe restaurants in commercial shopping complexes because they tend to be of very mediocre quality. However, I was totally proved wrong at Salon Bake & Tea, a restaurant that serves all-day French food and desserts in the newly opened NEWoMAN mall. 

This is part of the Salon adam et Rope group whose main business line is fashion. I couldn't think of another better place than Salon Bake & Tea for late night desserts in Shinjuku because other options are franchised cafes in department store or fruit tart cafes. Not anything attractive to me to be honest.
 Tartelette Au Poitron タルト・ポティロン
One can order the specialty plated desserts or pick and choose any petit entremets showcased on stylish plates at a corner of the restaurant. I was shocked to learn that each petit entremet cost a hefty \400 but the quality was worth the splurge. 

cassolette カスレッツ 
My favourite was the Cassolette and Tartelette Au Poitron as the sable base is excellently crunchy and buttery. Especially the cassolette whose gold crackly sugary skin shattered into a pool of custard and yuzu berry confiture cusped within the choux pastry. 

Saint Honore au Chocolat サントノーレショコラ 
If I had known earlier that they've got an Order Buffet promotion from 2500 yen for tea + a buffet of these petit entremets based on order from 11am-4pm, I would have grabbed this chance 
The 30-cm tall seasonal Sweet Potato parfait stood out not only in height but flavors. This isn't just the usual whipped cream and cakes stacked over a pile of cornflakes. Right at the base is an ultralight raspberry jelly layered with vanilla custard mousse and fresh cream before being generously buried in homemade cocoa sables and granola. 

Above all these decadent goodness is luscious pumpkin cream, raspberry confiture, marron paste and a sweet potato burger choux that's encased with vanilla ice cream suspended at the top. 

The composition was flawless and the golden ratio contributed to a perfect harmony of all the characters in this seemingly chaotic work. Truly one of the best parfaits in 2016 besides the Purple Sweet Potato Apple Yoghurt parfait from Kissho Karyo. 
Salon Bake & Tea
Shinjuku-Ku 4-1-6 NEWoMAN 3F 
東京都新宿区新宿四丁目1番6号 NEWoMan 3F

Daily 11:00-22:00(L.O.21:00)

TEL : 03-6380-1790