Mercer Brunch @ Ginza Terrace : The Famous Brioche French Toast and Brunch

Mercer Brunch is one of the longest standing western brunch spots that is famous for that French Toast. Like it or not, you can't escape from the toasts because every brunch dish is served with French toasts. Each one from Sets A-J on the one-page brunch menu features a savoury main course such as grilled chicken, sirloin steak, tomato stew etc., alongside 2 pieces of French toasts-plain without honey or whipped cream. 

I did feel the pinch when I realize that each set costs 1700 yen. However, we felt convinced by the quality as the food, especially the French toast definitely lived up to the hype and reputation as one of the to-go brunch spots in the city. 
The toasts were crispy-tanned and square, soft pillowy but not to the extent of being too custardy inside. It has some light hints of sweetness but I still prefer it if they can serve it with honey and whip cream. How can a French Toast be called a French Toast without honey??? Do note that they don't give you honey and cream unless you open your mouth to ask. Honey is free but cream costs 300 yen.
The Baked Salmon & Spinach Gratin answered the calls of our growling bellies with its generous chunks of salmon swimming in the creamy milk bath. I wished there was more spinach but I liked the lightly crisp brown crust that added texture to the dish. And that's when the brioche toast comes in handy to mop up the sauce. 
Meanwhile, the scrambled omelette took us by surprise with its uniformly golden-orange hue and soft on the verge texture. Minimally seasoned to complement the marinated smoked salmon of exceedingly fresh quality. 

This Ginza outlet is pretty crowded on weekends and holidays so Roppongi outlet may be a better choice to avoid long queues. Dinner menu starts from 5pm. 

Mercer Brunch @ Ginza Terrace
東京都中央区銀座1-8-19 キラリトギンザ 4F
Chuo-ku Ginza 1-8-19, Kirarito Ginza 4F
LUNCH 10:00~17:00 (LO 16:30)
DINNER 17:00~23:00 (LO 22:00) 

Access: 1 min walk from Ginza station / 3min walk from Yurakucho Station/ 1 min walk from Ginza Ichome station / 5 min walk from Higashi-Ginza station / 3-min walk from Kyobashi station