Bel Amer Kyoto: 京都高级抹茶巧克力舒芙蕾 Matcha Chocolate Souffle

Bel Amer is a renowned premium chocolate brand in Japan with retail shops in major department stores, It opened its first and only chocolate cafe in Kyoto where chocolate lovers can indulge in all kinds of "atas" chocolate desserts. Plated desserts are always more expensive than cakes in patisseries and the average price of a dessert here costs around 1080 yen (SGD 14-15) which is on par with desserts in Singapore or even cheaper.

Occupying a 2-storey mansion house unit within walking distance from Nishiki market, the 1st floor of the unit is a retail space where chocolates are displayed like expensive diamonds while the 2nd floor is a dimly-lit dining space that gave me an impression of a fine-dining restaurant rather 
than a casual cafe.

The menu is divided into hot and cold desserts. Rather than picking a straightforward chocolate dessert, I decided to go for the Kyo-matcha souffle on the hot menu since it was rare to find it elsewhere. For a good wait of 10min, this souffle served didn't rise as high as its classic French counterpart and neither was it just an airy pomp.
The interior revealed a moist and rather dense cakey layer that boasted an alluring dark green hue. The taste was neither too sweet nor too muted on the matcha; evidently a harmonious balance of quality white chocolate and Kyoto-originated matcha powder. Even the addition of rich chocolat sauce did not drown out the taste. This was deeply satisfying but my only gripe was that the happiness from a souffle was short-lived.

There's also a pretty cool-sounding -196 degrees chocolate marron ice cream with hot chocolate tart. Probably when I feel richer to splurge, I will come back for not only one but two or more desserts. Hopefully the Pumpkin Cream & Nuts Chocolate Affogato will still be available then.

Bel Amer Kyoto  ショコラ ベルアメール 京都別邸

京都市中京区三条通堺町東入ル北側 桝屋町66
66, Masuyacho, Nakagyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 604-8111
1F Chocolat Shop / 2F Chocolat Bar
Daily 10am~8pm ( no fixed holiday)