Monday, September 26, 2016

菓子・茶房チェカ Kashi Chabou Cheka in Kyoto : Pudding Kakigori for Summer

Summer is all about KAKIGORI!!! 

But I was getting a bit bored of the usual matcha or fruit kakigori. So when I heard of the pudding kakigori from Cheka, I knew I got to try it. Kashi . Chabou Cheka is a patisserie cum tea house in Okazaki (near Hei-an Jingu) that sells simple cakes and cookies made freshly in their small kitchen. It is easy to miss the place as the space is actually renovated from a private house. 
The kitchen and retail section are located on the 1st floor and the 2nd floor is where customers can eat-in. I fell in love with the space once I ascended the narrow stairs and reached the 2nd floor-white, sleek, clean and brightly lit. But I thought the shop was pretty rigid because they strictly prohibit anyone from eating-in the pastries cakes during the summer season (July-sept) despite the fact that the 2nd floor was quite empty. Only kakigori is available for eat-in. 
Thankfully, the Pudding Kakigori did not disappoint. Crowned in custard cream and caramel sauce, the kakigori wasn't overly rich nor sweet at all as the black bits of burnt caramel provided a nice undertones of bitterness to balance the everything. The custard pudding buried beneath the pile of ice was sweet and silky. This is so unique and delicious that I will probably return next time for other flavors. *Check out my instagram @dairyandcream for the behind-the-scenes video** 

Since you can't expect the Japanese staff to bent the rules even after negotiation, I had to takeaway their signature gateau, a peculiar donut shaped mousse on a tart. It was in fact, a tiramisu which was interpreted with huge success. I was surprised by the slight acidic tang in the coffee jelly but the most commendable aspect was the excellent crispness in the tart shell (even better than the expensive C.K. tarts in Singapore) . 

I wish there was a stronger booze here but this was already a very well-executed pastry. No wonder their pastries have been quite popular and most items would have been sold out by late afternoon. 
I'm glad I have the best of both worlds this summer--kakigori and cake. But I wish they were more flexible.

菓子・茶房 チェカ Kashi ・Chabou Cheka

京都市 左京区岡崎法勝寺町25
10am-7pm Closed on Monday and Tuesday

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