Twenty Grammes Cafe : Yuan Yang Waffles and Salty Salted Egg Yolk

Waffles, soft serve, ice cream. 

The cafe menu here bears a striking resemblance to the Sunday Folks or Creamier but I say it's a combination of both. Probably one of the most popular items here is the Yuan Yang Waffles that come with Milk Soft Serve, Cookie Sticks, Granola and Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce ($15)

I prefer my waffles to have a little crunch on the edges while fluffy inside but these weren't exactly what I wanted. That said, the chocolate hazelnut sauce was thicker and richer than an average Nutella sauce--a good thing because it would have gave the impression that the shop was taking shortcuts. My only complain here is that the soft serve was too sweet and there is only one flavor of soft serve for this Yuan Yang Waffle. Presentation-wise, they might still need to put in some effort to catch up with the ones from Sunday Folks. 
To be honest, the menu sounded confusing because a "charcoal waffle with egg yolk sauce and a single scoop of ice cream" costs $12 but yet there is also another choice of "charcoal waffle with egg yolk sauce" at $8.50 (with a foot note that stated that any subsequent scoop of ice cream costs $3) But in practice, you need to order the $12 version if you want some ice cream along. 
I was curious to try the salted egg yolk sauce which was slightly grainy and intensely savoury. Sweet-savoury pairings usually work in desserts but I think the egg yolk sauce was too overpowering and easily overwhelmed the ice cream. That said, the ice cream was excellent and distinctive in flavor. I chose the Thai Milk Tea  and Taro after sampling some flavors and eliminating those that were too sweet. There was clarity in flavor and the texture was unctuously creamy. 

I left this place with a deeper impression of the ice cream than the waffles or soft serve. And I'm so glad this is just located in my neighbourhood. 

Blk 529 AMK Ave 10, Unit 01-2353
Sun-Thur 12pm-10pm
Fri-Sat 12pm-1am