Negi Ya Heikichi Kyoto 葱や平吉 : BEST Tendon EVER

Call me a snob hehe but after having THIS tendon, I dare say that I can't give a damn about the tendons in Singapore. For one, since we always say first impression counts, the presentation of this tendon would have left anyone speechless. 

Just look at that tall Anago strutting an amazing pose like a big boss with the rest of its delegates. Taste wise, it was perfectly flavorful and tender. The tempura batter was golden, thin and crisp without any trace of greasiness, unlike previous ones which may still have remnants of heat lingering in the bowl. I can safely vouch for this because I always end up with an uncomfortable throat after any tendon meal but I was surprised that I didn't feel it this time. 

Even the rice had soaked up just the right amount of sauce such that it wasn't too dry nor bland. But the problem is it became too delicious and hard to resist finishing up everything. So at the end of the meal, I was super full but very satisfied. 
That said, I forgot to introduce a little about this place. It is a shop that specialize in negi dishes (spring onions) and not tendons, thus explaining why every set lunch order comes with free-flow negi. Adding some negi does help to provide some refreshing crunch but I think it didn't play quite an important role for the tendon. If my post-research is accurate, this is the only outlet that serves this crazily tall tendon. So good that it makes me want to take back my praises for the tendons I had in Tokyo. 

葱や平吉 高瀬川店
Daily 11.30am-3pm, 6pm-11pm
Access: 3 minutes walk from Hankyu line Kawaramachi Station


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