Costa 269 @ Holland Village : All Day Brunch with Croffles

Say sayonara to croissants or waffles--the defining icons of our modern breakfast or brunch these days. 

But there is no need to weep because there is something better called "Croffles", a croissant-waffles mash up that can be traced back to the era of cronuts. This is available exclusively as part of the all-day brunch menu, together with toasts, egg bens or muesli, at Costa Coffee's first outlet which is equipped with a kitchen for preparing fresh hot food. 

A quick research showed that this food hybrid had already made its debut at The Waterfall in Shangri La Singapore back in 2013. I didn't try that version but I found myself liking the Croffles very much. As much as it tasted like a croissant-slightly crisp, flaky on the outside, it also tastes like a waffle with its airy tender pockets on the inside. It's moulded into waffle but arranged like a crescent-shaped croissant. So hard to put it into words so the best way is to try it for yourself. 
I could hear the delightful "crunch" sound as my partner sawed her knife across The Great Croffle Fry Up ($17), a croffle topped with sunny side egg and served with mushrooms and beef sausage. The croffle itself was good; fragrant and in fact, lighter than a waffle and croissant to me. But I am not sure if it was really meant to be put on the same plate with the sausage and egg as they seemed like separate entities. 
Nonetheless, the Croffle truly shone out in the Very Berry Croffle ($11) which came with very BIG blueberries indeed. We went with the safe and popular choice of Salted Caramel Ice cream but I figured Chocolate or Vanilla Ice Cream would be no less delicious. 
Avocados tend to give me a healthy impression and so did this Avocado on Toast ($11) which was constructed of the freshly smashed fruit on wholemeal toast with two poached eggs. While this scored high on the healthy scale, the seasoning-a dash of salt or squirt of lemon-could be afforded to make this more assertive in flavors. 
Probably because this Salmon and Scrambled Eggs Bagel ($14) followed right after the avocado toast, I find myself liking it very easily simply because it wasn't that bland but neither was it overly salty. The bagel was firm but not dry, encouraging some good muscle workout on the mouth as the flavors of the eggs and salmon are gradually released on the tastebuds.
As the term "all-day brunch" implying that one can have them anytime of the day, I didn't miss the sunny character of the brunch despite my visit late at night. But I thought the ambience after sunset was more conducive towards casual bistro food. Perhaps it would be better to just serve brunch during brunch hours and bistro fare all-day.

Of course, with its heritage deeply rooted in the coffee soil, the coffee will go hand in hand with the meals. Be it the Flat White (that comes with a bonus latte art) or the Frostinos (unique ice blended drinks that are predictably sweet with lots of cream), I think it isn't too difficult to find a drink that suits your preference, even if you aren't a coffee drinker like me. The Matcha Frostino did and worked amazingly well like a dessert, saving me the hassle to look elsewhere for a sweet closure to my meal.

Costa269 @ Holland Village
269 Holland Ave, Singapore 278990
Daily 7am-11pm