You should be glad that you have clicked the article and read this post. And you will be super happy if you really eat the cakes from this place.

I've been to countless patisseries in Tokyo but it's the first time that I encounter a cake that touch my heart so much that I nearly cried. It might sound silly to many but true feelings never lie. And the cake that stunned me was a simple Ichigo Shortcake. So what's a big deal for a shortcake?

Most shortcakes in Japan are already above average in taste but this one by Yuji Aijiki is the best ever shortcake I've had. I think it must be the use of premium eggs from Nasu Highlands as the sponge appeared light orange in color. 

Fraise フレーズ (¥520) 
The texture is utterly delicate and melts effortlessly on the tongue. Yes, I'm talking about a sponge that literally "melts" or disintegrates if that is a better word to describe it. Everything was just perfect; the cream, the sweetness and I felt so happy as if I just met an angel that descended from heaven. 

I got to know this place all thanks to Chef Pang who highly recommended this. Did further research through Japanese reviews and realized this place is actually ranked highly on tabelog. Chef Yuji Ajiki is a highly well-known chef who used to head the famous Patisserie Deferret in Shinagawa. Before that, he was the Sous Chef of Mont. St Clair run by Chef-owner Tsujiguchi. In fact, Chef Tsujiguchi was his sempai (senior) in pastry school and both of them continue to be good friends after graduation.

Chef Ajiki finally opened Sweets Garden in 2010 and he chose a relatively unheard of Kitayamata (北山田) along the green line because he simply wanted to be the neighbourhood cake shop that everyone can identity with. Not any of those high-end pastry boutique that you will probably step in once or never in your lifetime. In a magazine interview, he mentioned that it is this motto to bring happiness to everyone through cakes that drives him to work hard everyday. You have my full respect chef!!! 
There are around 20 variety of petit entremets and 15 kinds of baked sweets (焼き菓子) and that is considered a wide spread by patisserie standards. Standing first in the queue did not help as I was absolutely clueless at what to choose. After a long struggle, I left proudly with a box of 8 cakes all for myself and happy that I don't have to share them with anyone else....haha.

They are mostly mousse cakes but what distinguishes his cakes from the rest is the incorporation of sauces in those cylindrical-shaped mousse cakes. Get your camera or videocam ready as these cakes flow even more sexily than any molten lava cake or lava croissant. What's more, prices are very reasonable at an average of ¥520. 
Let me briefly run through the rest of the cakes : 

1) Noisette Banana et Cafe ノワゼット バナーヌ エ カフェ (¥520) 塩を効かせたヘーゼルナッツとバナナを焼きこんだスポンジにチョコレートムースとコーヒームース
Salted hazelnut banana sponge, chocolate mousse, coffee sauce

2) Milanese ミラネーゼ (¥520)
ピスタチオムースとミルクチョコムースに3種類のベーリームース Pistachio mousse, Milk chocolate mousse, berry mousse
3) Miwa 美和
バニラムース、大納言入り抹茶クリーム、チョコレートムース、黒糖のシロップをしみこませたビスキュイ。Vanilla mousse, red bean matcha cream, chocolate mousse, sponge soaked with black sugar syrup 
4) Delice デリス (¥490)
Framboise cream, white chocolate, pistachio sponge, crunchy chocolate nut base フランボワーズクリーム、ホイとチョコレムース、酸味のあるチョコレートムースをピスタチオスポンジに重ねました
5) Honey Hunt ハニーハント (¥460)
プロヴァンス産はちみつのムース、タヒチ産バニラのクレームブリュレ、ピュアメープルシロップのスポンジ Provence honey mousse, tahiti vanilla creme beurre, pure maple syrup sponge
6) Choux a la Cremeシュー・ア・ラ・クレーム (¥290) シェフにこだわりのクレームパティシエールとしっかり焼きこんだ生地
7) Saotobo Rouge (¥620) サオトボルージュ
フランボワーズの酸味の効いたチョコケーキ、中心のピスタチオがナッシュがトロリとして美味!Dense, fudgy chocolate cake with molten pistachio chocolate ganache and loads of crunchy flakes and nuts on top. Recommended to be reheated for 2 minutes using the microwave. I didn't reheat but it still tasted crazily good 

Everything you see here was deeply satisfying and I felt that I have attained cake nirvana after eating them. There are so many more items I have yet to try, including the famous Ajiki Roll Cake and the other choux cream puff called "I want to eat a Chou Cream!~". Yes, that's the name. A return is a must. 

Yuji Ajiki 
SWEETS garden YUJI AJIKI(スイーツ ガーデン ユウジ アジキ)
神奈川県横浜市都筑区北山田2-1-112-1-11 Kitayamata, Tsuzuki Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture 224-0021, Japan
10:00~19:00 Closed Wed (夏季休業あり)

Access: 2 min walk from Yokohama City Subway Kitayamata Station


  1. such beautiful photo, especially when the pastry is sliced and
    the cream oozed out.

    Is there sitting capacity at YUJI AJIKI ?

    1. Yeps it's so beautiful. Unfortunately only takeaway

  2. Amazing how u can manage to enjoy all these on your own! Do u have an eating strategy - like how do u also make room for all the savoury Japanese food around? i need to learn a trick or two!


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