SONGBIRD COFFEE Kyoto: Egg Sandwich is da Bomb!

OMG!! I had imagined this to be good but never did I expect it to be SO GOOD. 

While tamago-sando (egg sandwich) might exist in every city of Japan, Kyoto might probably be the place that is best known for this comfort sandwich. I am surprised by the quality of the egg sandwich here because it is part of the design store produced by Masaki Tokuda. Located just opposite Nijou Castle, this café occupies the 2nd level and serves  French toasts, curry rice and coffee that are made with beans specially roasted for the café by several famous roasters including 六曜社 Rokuyosha in Kyoto.

The eggs here are done in typical tamagoyaki fashion but tasted nowhere like one. The eggs are impossibly creamy on the inside and possessed zero sweetness. There's nothing much to shout about with the white bread, but the magic lied in the generous spread of kewpie mayonnaise--the key to the incredibly appetizing aroma that greeted me instantly. The heat from the yellow puddle exacerbated the acidity of the mayonnaise, transforming this into such a scrumptious sandwich that I have never encountered with other sandwiches.
Even the guys sitting on another table were looking at my tamago sandwich and commenting how delicious it looked even though they had just finished their own plate of curry rice.  
I made a quick check with the staff and found out that a total of 4 eggs were used for just a dish! A cholesterol bomb in disguise but still, I think all egg lovers will live in regret without trying this dish. For 950 yen a plate, this Songbird Egg Sand is served with granola yoghurt sweetened with honey and carrot salad that isn't just some raw greens thrown in; they have been thoughtfully flavoured.  
The tamago-sando was so good that I decided to revisit for their curry rice (950 yen). It was the first item that caught my attention initially because it looks like a bird's nest with a egg inside. Served with a rather hideous piece of chicken at the side, the curry rice lacked the enchanting spiciness as expected but it wasn't sweet. 

The gravy was thick and robust, like a savoury dressing that went perfectly with the rice. The egg was cold, but that's how it is in ramen as well and it didn't affect the taste.I topped up my order with cheese (+200 yen), which amplify the deliciousness by more than double. 
I'm not too sure if the 3rd storey still sells any furniture as it was out of bound. Regardless of that, I think most people would think of Songbird as more a café than a design store. The cafe was not fully occupied during my visits around 3pm and I could enjoy the food slowly without feeling rush.
Songbird Coffee
529, Nishi Takeya-machi Nakagyo-ku Kyoto 604-0075
Daily 12:30pm-8pm  (Closed on Thurs, 1st & 3rd Wed)


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