Snoopy Tea House in Kyoto : NEW OPEN on 31st August 2016

Snoopy fans can rejoice with the opening of the third Snoopy Tea House right in the heart of Kyoto. Unlike the Snoopy Cafe and Museum in Tokyo, the menu of Snoopy Tea House is visually more representative of the characters and leans towards Japanese cuisine. In fact, the concept is not different from the first two outlets which are located near historically strategic spots Ise Jingu and Yufuin.

I'm been quite used to the general notion that food character cafes only looked good but tasted mediocre or bad. Unfortunately, this Snoopy Cafe did not refute this claim. The food was disappointing and I guess there's no point going into details. Anyway, I'm sure that wouldn't be a priority for any hardcore Snoopy fans. 
Kyoto-exclusive Washoku Set

Pumpkin Pancake (The Soft serve is much, much, much better)

I like the toilet signs more than these two dishes :P 
Pumpkin Soft Serve
Peanuts Dorayaki (Cos Snoopy loves Peanuts?)

Snoopy Tea House Kyoto Nishiki
Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto (Inside Nishiki Market)
Opens daily
Tea House 10:30-17:30(Lunch 16:30 LO Café 17:00 LO)
Takeout 10:00-17:30
Shop 10:00-18:00