Haha Thai @ Ngee Ann City

My mouth was opened in wide agape as I stared at the menu. The lobsters and crab dishes were priced at $88.80 and even any ala carte fish would have incur a damage around $50. It wasn't that the food was overpriced since I haven't had the taste of the food yet.

But as working adults who need to scrimp and save, a full Thai feast fit for the Thai Royal King does require some serious investment. Even the Entertainer App that limits to the seafood and meats does not help much. Nonetheless, my dinner here with the girlfriends turned out great if not amazing, even without any of crabs, lobsters or fishes which I would love to indulge. 

Let's speak of the stellar dishes that night, starting from the Boneless Chicken Wings (3pcs/$12.80++) which were meaty, succulent and flavorful. Freshly deep-fried and served hot to the tables, the piping steam that wafted from the wings as you pry them open. Wait no further or waste time taking multiple Instagram shots. Just dig in. 

The Grilled Pork Collar ($12.80), another wise pick that showcased the brilliant fats of the cut. I wished the browned rims had a little more caramelized sweetness to them but this was still a better way of enjoying the natural taste of the meat than having them swaddling in a pool of Green Curry ($9.80) The latter was thick, creamy, perhaps a good reflection of the rich characteristics of Souther Thai cuisine but it was too greasy for me. The dry Red Curry Tenderloin Chicken ($9.80++), whose spice level was tempered by the coconut cream, was a more popular choice at our tables. 

Be it the olive rice, belachan rice or the pineapple rice, the grains in the plate of Haha Thai Rice ($11.80++) were stickier and softer, like an in-between of fluffy Indian Bryani  and Japanese rice. It's all too-natural to start spooning the rice when you have tantalizing gravies on the table but the pathetic portions left my heart in forlorn despair in no time. 

I made a mistake to order the Tom Yum Seafood Glass Noodles ($12.80++) when I was craving for with a plate of stir-fry glass noodles that emitted a strong wok-hei. It didn't quite score on presentation either, since almost everything was submerged in the sea of red. Yet the smooth, chewy glass noodles were comfortingly delicious even though the broth was not seething with fury. 

One underrated gem was none other than the Fried Kang Kong ($8.80++) which was fresh, crunchy and sharp in flavors. You taste what you see, unlike so many sloppy or evolved versions that are feeding you with either with more fried batter than greens or simply oil-laden soggy greens. A must. 

It is good that there is at least one more type of dessert to choose from other than the usual Mango Sticky Rice, Tapioca or Red Ruby. And that's the Thai Milk Tea Lava Cake. It costs a bomb at $10.80++ with a scoop of tad icy coconut ice cream but the combination of the Thai tea and gooey sweet condensed milk is da bomb! The toasty fragrance of Thai tea is alluring even though this is gratifyingly sticky sweet. 

Of course, there are other options like red velvet and matcha but when one is at a Thai restaurant, do it Thai all the way. 

Haha Thai
Ngee Ann City
391 Orchard Road #05-29
Singapore 238873
Tel: +65 6299 4401