Luke's Lobster Japan : From Tokyo to Osaka

Who says one should only try Japanese food in Japan? Plenty of international brands have flocked to Japan to open their shops and the (not-so) latest one is Luke's Lobster that is owned by Maine native Luke Holden. 

His successful seafood empire is moving fast and hot in Japan, with the establishment of the third outlet in Shinsaibashi on 18th Sept this year. This is definitely a good thing as I don't have to squeeze with the maddening crowd in Shibuya. 

There was a short queue but I didn't have to queue more than 10 minutes before I got my hands on the food. No seats, just a mini table but chances are they are occupied. But all these become totally insignificant when you are faced with the fresh buttered lobster bun that is still an instant knockout. 
The huge chunks of lobsters are enlivened with a proprietary seasoning blend, flavored with celery, salt and oregano. Before serving, the hippie staff squirts some lemony butter lavishly on the dish. Barely dressed in any mayonnaise, I could literally get the pure taste of ocean. At ¥980 (SGD 11.40) for a regular-sized lobster roll, this is definitely a superb deal that one should not missed. 
A regular meal holds 80g worth of meat and a US sized (¥1380). We got the Taste of Maine (¥1980 for 3 half-sized buns) to try the Crab and Shrimps as well. They were no less juicy and tasty. 

But nothing beats the lobster roll. It's makes you want to have it again and again. 

Luke's Lobster
Osaka Shinsaibashi Outlet
Osaka shi Chuo-ku Shinsaibashi 1-3-21
Daily 11am-9pm
Tel: 06-4704-8297