[TUNGLOK YUSHENG GIVEAWAY] Fresh and Safe Salmon from Norway

Source: Norwegian Seafood Council
Do you know that salmon, a saltwater fish raised in cold, pristine waters of Norway, is safe to be eaten RAW?

With the recent ban on the consumption of raw freshwater fish in Singapore, some consumers might choose to stay away from the traditional Chinese New Year Lo Hei, which usually features salmon-the symbol of abundance. However, the fact is that Norwegian Salmon from retailers and food outlets that uphold high quality standards in preparation and cleanliness, is perfectly safe to be eaten raw. 
Source: Norwegian Seafood Council

Why is this so?

1) Regulated Checks: 
  • Numerous inspections and analysis are conducted by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority and the National Institute of Nutrition and Seafood Research (NIFES) each year. 
  • Since 2003, an extensive monitoring program has been carried out by NIFES in accordance with European Union legislation (Directive 96/23/EC), which requires national authorities to monitor the presence of undesirable substances in raw materials and food derived from animals.
2) Hygienic Transportation Practices: 
  • Norwegian Salmon is transported in correct temperatures and stored in boxes that have been specially designed to keep the product cold all the way to its destinations, one of which is Singapore. 
  • In fact, more than 90% of the fresh salmon available in Singapore is imported from Norway and flown in within 48 hours from harvest. Hence, freshness and food safety is always preserved.
Source: Norwegian Seafood Council
Your Fish Origins Matters
Thanks to a long coastline of fjords surrounded by cold Arctic waters that consist of the right currents and temperatures, Norway is the ideal nation for farming salmon.

Producing more than 65% of the world’s Atlantic salmon that is raised in pristine, cold, clear waters, Norway is responsible for serving up more than 14 million Norwegian Salmon meals everyday worldwide.

Norwegian fish farms adhere to regulations that imposes the world’s strictest control systems and advanced environmental measures to ensure responsible fish farming is practiced.

Enjoy Your Fish and Stay Healthy {YUSHENG GIVEAWAY}

Under the careful handling of their skillful chefs, fresh salmon sashimi can still be found on many buffet tables and Japanese restaurants. One of the top-chain Chinese dining brands, TungLok, has always been using safe and fresh Norwegian Salmon in the yu sheng served to their guests in restaurants. 

For their takeaway yusheng packs, the TungLok team has specially taken extra steps to prepare Smoked Norwegion Salmon so that consumers can continue to enjoy and toss their Lo Hei with a peace of mind!

Thanks to Norwegion Salmon Council and TungLok, I am giving away a set of Takeaway Yusheng (worth $80++ and serve up to 10 pax) to each 10 selected lucky readers who can redeem it from Tung Lok Orchard Central before 22 Feb 2016. All you have to do is: 

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Disclaimer: This information is brought to you by Norwegion Seafood Council and the writer receives NO monetary compensation for this post. She simply loves her salmon too much:) 

Visit http://www.salmonfromnorway.com/ for more information and resources