5 Things to Binge on at J65 @ Hotel Jen Tanglin

Brunch is a decidedly indulgent affair and what better way to indulge than with J65's Sunday buffet brunch, replete with an endless supply of food, live music performance and free flow champagne? Situated within the rebranded Hotel Jen Tanglin, J65—a name that was inspired by Singapore's international dialling code—offers all-day dining and embraces a modern chic Southeast Asian market concept, cleverly using an eclectic mix of day-to-day ingredients such as canned foods, cereal boxes and bottled sauces to create a familiar yet intimate setting.

While the venue offers deli-style weekday lunch buffets and seafood-themed dinner buffets from Thursday to Saturday, the Sunday Champagne Brunch is undoubtedly the highlight as it offers a comprehensive selection of Asian and Western cuisine, with a LIVE music performance to set the tone for the meal. Here are some of the more note-worthy foods that you should definitely create space for!
Sunday Roasts:
While most people will make a beeline for oysters or fresh sashimi, the Signature Roasts station, which is only set up on Sundays, is the place to head to. You will be spoiled for choice with meats like baked salmon, German pork knuckle, bone lamb and the handsome slab of prime rib. My mouth literally watered as I watched the tantalizing juices ooze out from the roast beef while the chef was slicing it for me. Throw some chutneys or couscous on the side, drizzle the meat with some beef jus and you'll have the perfect start to your Sunday.

Singaporean diners are far more discerning now and a simple DIY Caesar salad can no longer satisfy our palates. Tastefully displayed with upright salad tongs thrust into the greens (and reds, and purples, and yellows...), there were at least 6 types of artisan-quality salads, all of which were vibrant-looking, fresh, and appetizing. One of my favourite salads was the Beetroot and Pumpkin tossed in Blue Cheese and Walnuts. Salads may look deceivingly simple to prepare, but it takes knowledge about the ingredients to create a perfect salad bowl. Here, it is done with finesse.
Seafood on Ice:
Almost every other decent buffet in town serves seafood staples such as lobsters, sashimi, tiger prawns and Fine de Claire oysters, although the freshness of the seafood often varies. I'm glad to say that the selection here is rather impressive! Definitely try the Boston lobsters—they were overlooked by many other diners because of their size but the tomalley found inside was amazingly sweet and creamy!
The restaurant takes pride in their laksa and serves 6 different kinds (Singapore, Curry, Thai, Sawarak, Penang and Johor), and you can customise your ingredients and type of noodles as well. I only tried two types: the Curry laksa and the Penang laksa. Between the two, I preferred the latter due to its tangy, umami-laden broth. Next to the noodles station was the chicken rice corner that had char siew and roasted pork belly (siew yoke). However, those were an unfortunate letdown that day.

Matcha Lava Cake:
The name is a bit of a misnomer as the 'lava' did not flow at all (I was, admittedly, rather disappointed with that) but being a matcha-lover, it was truly a delight to find this special item at the Sunday brunch. I loved the moist, fudgy, and creamy centre, though the sweetness level could have been taken down a notch. If they are able to serve this warm upon request, I think this will become the talking point of the table.

And there you have it, the top 5 things to gorge on at J65. Prepare your stomach and head there for your next brunch outing!

The Sunday Brunch is available from 12pm-3pm and priced at $128 nett with free flow of champagne and other alcohols, $88 nett without alcohol.

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