Malebranche CACAO 365 Kyoto : Kawaii Geisha Eclairs

Housed within the Gion Hanami-koji district is a chocolate specialty shop opened by Malebranche, the famous Kyoto matcha sweets shop that is known for its matcha langue de chats. One can easily walked pass without realizing the shop as it looks just like any other traditional old house. 

If you have been following closely to the Kyoto posts, you would have known that Malebranche has several outlets each with a different concept and exclusive items. For instance, the Arashiyama outlet has a unique matcha cream eclair Cha Cha Bou while the Kitayama main outlet is a dangerous place to go because there are too many temptations.

This unique off-the-beaten-tracks shop has a wonderful name called CA-CA-O 365, which adheres strongly to its motto of  "加加阿のある暮らし" ka-ka-a-no-aru-ku-ra-shi. It loosely means "A life with Chocolates". You can find all kinds of chocolate products, from the classic bars to the exquisite shaped matcha chocolate terrine but everything does not come at a cheap price. Hence, it is truly a surprise that the chocolate eclairs in traditional Maiko motifs here are reasonably priced at ¥388 each. 

Unlike classic French eclairs like Le Genie (to be posted later), these are shaped to be narrower and slightly shorter; the ideal size for geishas to nibble elegantly. The sturdy golden shell is like a hollow wooden baton that boasts a nice toasty fragrance. 

Filled with custard that is flavored in salted caramel milk chocolate, bitter chocolate or white chocolate, these eclairs are produced in limited quantities and sell out early so recommendations are highly recommended if you don't want to walk out feeling disappointed. 

Cacao 365 by Malebranche 
Kyoto-shi, Higashiyama, Gion-cho, Minami gawa 570-150
Tel: 075-551-6060
Daily 10am-6pm
Summer(7/1〜9/30) 10am - 7pm

No fixed holiday