L'Eclair De Genie: Genius Parisian Eclairs Come To Japan

Besides Fauchon, Le Clair De Genie is probably the only famous eclair brand in Japan as I haven't heard of any good Japanese patisserie that sells only eclairs except Creme de la Creme which covers both eclairs and Choux puffs. 

It is no coincidence that these eclairs strike a resemblance with the flamboyant versions from Fauchon as the Marais-based chef-owner Christopher Adam used to train under Fauchon before reinventing them with his unique interpretation in 2012. This former TV cooking show finalist should be given duly credit for pioneering the trend of whimsical eclairs these years because eclairs were never under the spotlight years ago. 

The price range SGD5.00-6.80 per piece might hold back one from trying but they are more affordable than those in Singapore. Compared to Fauchon's eclairs, these are 
shorter and slightly wider, but still impeccable in the execution and steered clear from the painfully sweet fondant frosting. Each sturdy choux shell were filled with the perfect ratio of cream, maximizing the pleasures in every bite. It was hard to select from the wide range of flavors but everything I tried were immensely delicious.

L'Eclair De Genie, Truly Genius~
Eclairs Hideout:
Kyoto Takashimaya B2
Osaka Takashimaya B2
Tokyo Nihonbashi Takashimaya B1
Tokyo Shinjuku Takashimaya B1 
Yokohama Takashimaya

Signature Caramel Beurre Sale (¥430) 
Chantily Fraise (¥594) シャンティ―フレーズ
Orange flower infused strawberry confiture, mascarpone cheese chantily

Choux Choux Caramel Eclairシュシュキャラメルエクレア (¥594)
I don't know why this is called Choux Choux but this is another caramel option on the list. What stands out from this piece is the caramelized peanuts that are encased beneath the the silver chocolate armour, which made this as enjoyable as a smooth crunchy toffee candy. 
Passion Chocolat Au Lait パッションショコラオレ (¥594)
The Passion Milk Chocolate emerged as the dark horse as no one expected that it would taste so delicious. The fruity scents of passionfruit enhanced the smooth milk chocolate filling beautifully and the effect simply lingered on the palate. 
Marianne (¥594) 
Inspired by the iconic painting Liberty Leading the People by Eugene Delcaroix, this vanilla eclair was a special edition to commemorate opening of Osaka/Kyoto (even though I can't see the link between the two) Anyway, what matters most was that it tasted good, which foodies would agree that this is very important.